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Sky Drop and large squadrons

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How exactly works sky dropping with large squadorns?


The rulebook only really show examples of sky droping single element squadrons, and states that element must be deployed in Coherency.


This is easy with Aquan/Dindrenzi turrets. One element is deployed in the point determined in deviation and the other in coherency. But I am thinking in the Leto 5 units squadron from the Leviathan Helix thant can purchase sky drop.


How are they exactly deployed:

-One in the deviaiton point and all of them in coherency with this model?

-One in the deviation point and all other in coherency between them, but no need to by 2" of the first model?


Maybe it do not looks very important, but with scoring light vehicle that can claim an objective only touching it can be a big deal.

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Yea, I can't actually answer this.


I have generally placed all element in coherency with the initial model. However this was done due to lack of space and/or strategic value not because I thought one way or the other... 

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Another Dindrenzi trick! Damn them! ;)


In the rules, there is nothing said about "deploying first model". In fact, it only talks about the deviation of the "drop" - meaning apparently the emplacement of the whole squadron. If it is composed of one model, of course it's easy. ;)


I would say the final deviation is the "spot" and that models deployed should be "roughly" in that spot - just in coherence with each other and outside of 1'' of an enemy model.

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@Zeph: For me is also the most logical way to do (all in coherency of the first dropped model) but is never defined in the rules. So nice is there is some FAQ in the future.


In case of doubt I always try to use the most restrictive option to be sure not to cheat.



@Magarch: To deply all elements as much in the same point as possible, rules would indicate to deploy all elements base to base and then avoid any interpretation. But its not the case. I know there is no "first model" to deply, is just an interpretation. There is no even an clear statement that need to be a model in the actual drop point (could be perfectly the center of the squadron, in for example a 2 aquan turrent squadron).


As simple as is not defined by the rulebook. So need player agreement or future FAQs.

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