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Paperback versus pdf rulebook

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The Sky Drop section is pretty different, for sure. I would be wary of the printed book, though some areas are ok. The main thing is that there are some sentences which were changed (and a d6 chart I believe) which actually have a meaningful impact on how the game is played.

I have both, but rarely reference anything other than the PDF. As an option, you could have the PDF printed out and spiral bound.

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Since the PDF is free I don't think people who purchase the print edition are being penalized they're just experiencing a limitation of the medium.


They are penalized, because they have to reprint the whole book at their own spending. Since you can't see what are the changes in the numeric version, they have to track it down by themselves - and the FAQ being obsolete doesn't help in that way.


I had to do it in the end, because I was tired to use the old useless FAQ. It's a bit annoying, honestly.

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I think your showing your youth.

Books have always suffered from errata and multiple editions. It's just part of publishing. It's not a penalty. They're not tricking people into buying a print copy. If you buy anything in print you are gambling on how complete of accurate it is.

The value and flaw of tangible media is it's permanence.

It's a hassle but it's not a penalty unless they forced you to pay for corrections. If you're that offended by errata you should never buy the first printing of anything in physical form.

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I'm young? Thank you, I thought I was a 35 years old man who lived in the past with my love of printed books. ;)


I'm not offended, I'm just saying that if Spartan Games want to take the road of Living Rulebook, they should do something so that it's easy to track the changes.


Right now, it's not and it's a pain to use the printed book because of that; the FAQ can't be really used and I find it not uncommon to have confusion with other players that use rulebook from the starter. I had one with the Hover vehicle today, because it has changed and nothing can be found on this in the FAQ.


I know it can be seen as details. But you know what they say; the Devil is always in those. :D

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