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"Let Them Fight"

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Well, we knew this would happen sooner or later:


A friend of mine and I met at our local game store tonight for a 1000-point throw-down between the Chinese Federation and the Prussian Empire. He was not up to his usual dice shenanigans, so I actually didn't do too terribly bad against him. He missed a few key opportunities to vaporize my ships--but then, so did I.

And then, the Dragon boarded the Metzger:


But before that could happen, his frigates boarded the Dragon:


"Boarded" actually isn't the right word for it. Learning point for us tonight: When a robot "boards" any other vessel, it isn't actually a boarding assault--it's more like a melee attack. And since the Dragon is a robot and the Metzger is a robot, there were several special circumstances involved, so we had to read through that section of the rulebook. When we were ready, I rolled the dice.

And got two hits.


It was very anticlimactic.

So the Metzger broke contact and waddled off to harass my carriers. In the end, I had to send three flights of dive bombers to kill it.


And then, to add insult to injury, his frigates sank my battleship.


We had to call the game at the end of turn three due to time constraints. Neither of us achieved our objectives. We agreed to call it a tactical draw.

Until next time--thanks for reading!


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See also Vengeance submarine ramming stuff- it either causes a huge amount of damage and almost cuts the carrier in half, or bounces off in an somewhat embarrassing and statistically unlikey fashion....


I've seen Ika and Metzger duel, and enjoyed the look on someone’s face when they took a Metzger in to pound a Herodutus, only to be reminded it was a robot too...



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Robot on robot has never lived up to what it should be.  Always they get hurt on the way in, take a hard pounding, and their fist just glances off the others armor.


And Metzger really should have pulled off that things whiskers.

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Thanks for a great game. I look forward to a rematch once I make the appropriate sacrifices to the dice gods.


Certainly! But dont' worry about the sacrifices, I think you were rolling just fine. :)


@Veldrain so much hate for the Dragon!!!  Why??? ;)


Actually, it wouldn't have been so anticlimactic if I could have gotten my stupid dice to cooperate. If I could have at least achieved a hit--which I should have, given what I was rolling--a few of the Dragon's MARs would have come into play (Terrifying and Hullbreaker, if I'm not mistaken, but I don't have the rulebook right in front of me). But I couldn't manage it.


However, as you can see from the pictures, I did light up both Metzgers pretty good with the heavy flamethrowers on both the Dragon and the battleship. Lots of corrosive markers, too.


The more I play the Chinese, the more I realize that the end-of-turn phase is like Christmas morning at the end of every turn...as your opponent tries to roll out of all the fire and corrosive markers, you don't know what sort of gifts you might get!

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