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Create disembarking units a new Squad after this action?

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Hi folks,


we´ve had a nice little game yesterday. As usual - a question came up:




Some Infanterie - Units disembarked their APC and made a cruising - movement.




- Does the APC now still belong to the squad of the Infanterie, so - is he still a member of this group now and later?  (Think about coherency and so on - probably the Infanterie wants to walk in a area far away and the APC is because of the terrain not able to follow....)?




- Does the APC form his own squad now and do the soldiers form their own squad too? (This makes it more easy, especially the "coherency - problem" stated above....)





Greetings and thanks in advance!





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So you can't disembark an infantry unit and move to and occupy a building in the same activation?

Correct. Disembarking and Embarking are both special move actions, of which you can only have one of. So you cant embark onto a structure just after you leave a transport.

You can, however, storm a building. If successful, that lands your infantry squad inside it at the end of their activation.

RAW, but yeah, it does sound a little bit funny when you think about it.

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