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Combat drugs TAC

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I know the general consensus seems to be that the Combat drugs TAC (for directorate) gives +1 dice for each infantry base, but my friend that I played with contested that it was only +1 for each squadron. Is there any official clarification for this?

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Mine as well, but the wording of the card is as follows:


"Nominate a Directorate Helix.  All infantry squadrons in the Helix INITIATING a CQB engagement gain +1 to their CQB value this turn in addition to any other MARs in play." 


My friend claimed that since it says squadron it would seem to mean only +1 to the squadron, rather than per base.  But if that were the case it would be a ridiculous TAC because imo adding 1 die to a CQB attack is laughable for 1 TV.

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