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Ramming a model that is the Diving height

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Can't do it -correct?

So tiny subs are perfect for placing in a spot that denies the active player a critical position.

Unfortunate side effect of the housekeeping rules on overlapping bases at the end of a turn.

It does seem odd you can see it to shoot at it, but not ram it.

This almost made the difference between winning and losing a game. That left a bad taste.

It was not an intentional placement in this case.

Can you collide if forced to move? I assume not and least disturbance comes into play.

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You can ram one of the minisubs with a submerged model, unless it manages to roll for evasive manoeuvre.

I use my minisubs to deny movement quite regularly, however, I prefer to only block movement after minimum move, so my models cannot be moved out by the compulsory move of the blocked model.

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You can try and ram a model not on the surface, with another model at the same height- doesn't matter which height, so long as both are on the same. You however cannot collide. See the collision section for full details.


If  you try to ram a model that can change height, it may try a swift manoeuvre to evade the ram- I'm in the middle of a game where a Heavy bomber rammed a Merlin, with the intention of forcing it out of obscured, but it failed to evade, and was destroyed by the Ram!



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