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A good 850 point list

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I don't know the first thing about making a good fleet.

I've got the navel battle group and 3x plato cruisers too.

Could anyone write me a good list on battle scribe for a fleet with energy weapons using just these models?

I'll give my email when I get some replies

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for a list that low, i would take the following-

  • Diophantus (no upgrades) 200pts
  • Hippasus (energy turrets) 125pts
  • 2x Cleomedes (energy turrets) 160pts
  • 3x Plato ("standard" turrets) 165pts
  • 4x Diogenes 100pts
  • 5x Thales 100pts
  • Local Air Support drones all as fighters

at exactly 850 pts, this is the best you're going to be able to run with your current models


you'll initially need all 16 of your drones as fighters to clear the skies of enemy aircraft, then relaunch them to match your current fleet situation


DO NOT fall into the temptation of teleporting with your Hippasus. it is only there to use template effects for cover (teleport portals can also block LOS)

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Also because the carrier is:

Tougher than the battleship

More powerful than the battleship

Offers greater utility than the battleship.


It is quite sad that the battleship is so outclassed :(


A CoA force needs a  carrier in my opinion, otherwise the drone network is compromised too much. Attack runs will always cost you the drone squadron.


Given the model selection it really is hard to think of a better list than Naz's one. I don't quite agree with his advice regarding the drones or the teleportation though. If you see an opportunity where a teleport would be advantageous then take it. Teleporting Thales squadrons should get 3 through the portal without a problem (and thus able to board) and 3 stand a fair chance of taking out a supporting unit/weakened battlecruiser etc. Redeploying them for a strike the following turn is also an option. The portals also do not block line of sight, they do render all shots going through/over them partially blocked however, which can be very handy!

The local air support drones might do well as fighters (I tend to prefer 1 squad of fighters and 1 of bombers) but the ones you deploy from your carrier should be tailored to the enemy's force. If he lacks aerial models then dive bombers will probably serve you better than fighters.

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He will mean the non-energy turrets. 

I, personally, find energy turrets to be good on the Plato. When linked they can deliver a respectable punch, and can also split up a bit to deal with smalls (as they are non-capital). Energy turrets also let them be effective at range, when their relative weakness is not as noticeable.

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i have found that Platos are best kitted out opposite to what your other ships have, as there role changes with the turret type. i use my e-turret equipped Platos as close-support for my regular-turret Aristotles, and my regular-turret Platos as long-range support for my e-turret Aristotle.


what i do miss is being able to "half-and-half" my turrets (fore e-turrets for closing in, and aft regular turrets for once the vessel is in the thick of it)

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To provide an alternate point of view, I'd suggest a slightly modified version of this list:


Pericles Carrier - Energy Turrets + 2 Galen Escorts

3 x Cleomedes Cruisers - Gun Turrets

3 x Plato Light Cruisers - Energy Turrets

4 x Diogenes Frigates

5 x Thales Corvettes


This maxes out the cruisers (which really are the backbone of a good fleet), plus it removes the Diophantus - a unit that is kinda reviled by some, is a serious chunk of points, and is a bit undecided in its role (IMO) - as a carrier, it wants to stay back to launch stuff, but with its weapons it wants to close, but that puts it at risk of taking crits (which knocks drones out of the sky), or stay wave lurking, which wastes most of its weapons...personally I prefer units that have a defined role.


With this fleet. set it up with the Cleomedes and Thales in Advance deployment on one flank, and the rest of the ships running kinda parallel to the long board edge. Unless you're playing against a strong ranged force, it'll force the enemy to close to you (giving you max time to have fun with the energy turrets), whilst the Cleomedes/Thales group slams into their flank. Plus, by the time you have to recycle your drones, the enemy is close enough that the relaunched squadrons won't have to travel far to attack again.


I can see what Naz is suggesting with the cruiser layout, but my experience is that the Platos (with only 1 shield and no wave lurker) are too fragile to be used as a front line unit. Plus, the Cleomedes, if you're using their torps, will be closing anyway, so why waste their gun turrets? And with wave lurker, 2 shields - they're pretty dependable.


Another alternative is to drop the Escorts and Platos all together and take a trio of Capek Interceptors - those are fun to use (2+ to hit rockets against aerial units - since when did the covenant develop the AMRAAM...?)

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