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Battle Report: Relthoza Attack on Jevon, Devonian System

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Battle Report: Relthoza Attack on Jevon, Devonian System, Dindrenzi Legislature


Jevon has only recently been a terraformed and settled world even though it is in the Devonian System, deep in Dindrenzi space. At this time it is still a relatively desert like, dry dusty plant with a small population. Jevon (pronounced "Yeh-von") has started building up its contribution to the Devonian System’s armed forces, including the initial training and equipment procurement for its first Planetfall Division. Because of the desert like nature of Jevon, the forces are specializing and training as a “Desert Rats” division for operations on hot, dry inhospitable worlds.


Preliminary reports have been received that last week a rouge Relthoza hive dropped cloak unexpectedly near the planet. An advance helix of Relthoza warriors landed near Jevon’s rudimentary communication facilities. Fortunately Jevon’s nascent planetfall division was still on-planet and able to respond. The Relthoza drop was detected in time and the planetfall forces were scrambled to intercept them. At the time of the conflict, the forces were able to deploy just three Leto reconnaissance tanks and a squadron of three main-line battle tanks accompanying a Circe designator tank. The designator was deployed in order to call down recently-trained Nyx infantry holding in reserve in orbit. The defending forces were able to enlist the help of a single, partially completed heavy tank commanded by the ground forces’ young captain Lars Lindgren. The heavy tank was still being assembled at the helix’s barracks and was hastily pressed into service in spite of not being fully commissioned.


It seems the Relthozan culture has recently been experiencing a swarming period. Understanding of the Relthoza’s alien culture is very limited, but it is believed that during such swarming periods individual hive queens may command their broods into new systems, independent of the race’s overall allegiances. It is the hoped that this explains the unexpected and unprovoked attack from our alien “allies.”


Relthoza forces had already captured the in-system communications building by the time Jevon’s forces arrived at the communications complex. The aggressors appeared to be headed to the intersystem ansible in order to cut-off Jevon’s ability to call for help. Although our heroic sons of Rense were able to deploy and establish their positions before the spiders, a few small, fast moving enemy drones were able to scuttle out in advance of the defending forces. This maneuver forced our reconnaissance tanks to attempt to flank them, making for the cover provide by an unusual set of rock-spires in the area locally referred to as the “crystal forest”. [setup]


From its cover behind a hill, the Circe tank pinpointed the drop-zone so the orbiting infantry forces could land and re-take the in-system communications building. The accompanying medium tanks and Captain Lindgren’s heavy tank, taking careful aim, took a few long-range shots at the set of three fully armored Relthoza warriors bearing down on them. The warrior spiders had some means of appearing “hazy” to both the eye and targeting computers that made the Jevon force’s railgun rounds largely ineffective. Two of the Relthozan warriors appear to be carrying some kind of autocannon where the third appear lightly armed but carrying other equipment of unknown purpose. The spider warriors continued to advance but did not fire any shots on our forces.


In the meantime the smaller drone spiders closed in on the our Dindrenzi brothers’ light recon tanks and a brief, but furious battle ensued. The drones were able to spew some kind of hot, acidic spray on the tanks burning through one of the tanks. The pilot’s death was not in vain with our brave soldiers’ coil guns slicing apart two of the drones.


Shortly before the Jevon infantry sky-pods could make planetfall, two crude spikes fell from the sky, burning their way into the ground on the hillside near the ansible transmitter building. Swarms of spiderlings emerged, first closing on the remaining two recon tanks. The spiderling overwhelmed one of the light tanks, ripping open the cockpit and tearing apart the pilot. In the process, many of the dog-sized spiderlings were cut down before the last of the recon squadron escaped.


It is known that the Rethoza spawn thousands of offspring and they have no love for children. These mindless children are somehow controlled and loaded into the sky-drop spires to die and swarm over their enemies. It is some kind of selection process that leads to massive warriors seen striding across the battlefield.


Shortly thereafter, two skypods dropped near the in-system transmission building after having their drop sites zeroed in by the Jevon forces. One missed its landing point and had to divert over the massive Relthozan walker directing the assault. A few shots were fired at the landing skypod, but to no avail on the heavily armored pod. Two full cadres of freshly trained Nyx infantries deployed from the pods. Nyx training is some of the finest in the known universe and all fear an assault from these elite troops.


Having landed behind the massive Relthozan walker, the Dindrenzi troops turned their attention on it instead of moving into and securing the intended communications building. This was a tactical mistake. With concentrated firepower, the infantry inflicted massive damage on the walker. The lumbering walker slowly turned to bring its main cannon to bear on the troops. Combined damage from the cannon, missiles launched from the walker and physically trampling of the troops resulted in one of brave cadres being completely wiped out [end Turn 1.] Continued attacks by the troops remaining from the second cadre was successful in destroying the massive machine. Whether the command walker contained a living Relthozan warrior or not remains unknown. However, the loss of their commander seems to have no effect of the rest of the forces.


At this time, the armored Rethozan warriors continued their advance towards the Jevon battle tanks. A few rounds were fired but failed to damage the quickly moving hover tanks. Same could not be said for the Rethozans when fire was returned. The Circe designator tank was used to establish a target lock on the warriors to help overcome the “haze” problem when targeting the Relthoza walkers. This target lock was fed to the squadron’s targeting computers, allowing the medium tanks to pummel the Rethozan warrior. The damage was so severe that the warrior turned and ran from the front line, leaving its two companions. Unfortunately, the commander’s heavy battle tank had not been fitted out with the communication and targeting electronics, forcing the young commander to rely on physical line-of-sight targeting only. This, combined with the Rethozan cloaking tricks, resulted in all of the heavy tank’s rail-gun fire flying wide of the target.


The Relothozan light drones then turned back towards the remaining human infantry. Perhaps it was the loss of their commander that drew them back. As they scuttled in, they again ejected or spit that burning acidic fluid, raining down on the exposed infantry. Once this fluid burned through the troops’ body armor, it became apparent that it contained some kind of bio-toxin that caused the troops to collapse, writhing in pain as their bodies melted away from the point of penetration. So horrific was the attack that the remaining troops turned and fled for their lives.


Cpt. Lindgren knew that the mission objective of reclaiming the in-system communications could not be achieved due to the loss of the infantry. He ordered a full retreat of the remaining Jevon planetfall division knowing that information he gathered in the battle against the little-known foe would be of strategic importance in the pending future conflicts. [end Turn 2]


Conflict Statistics:
Dindrenzi [1310 pts] vs. Relthoza [1315 pts], core helix only
Zero Hour Tracker: Dindrenzi 7 at time of conceding battle vs. Relthoza -2

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