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First attempt on creating an ice planet

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As described in my Blog I made an icy planet during the last week with not too much effort, I think it's easy to redo for most people:


"So here goes for my first attempt of creating a nice ice ball floating silently out there and waiting for a burning vessel to crash onto it's equator ...

First thing I did was buying a styrofoam ball (not exactly a ball, more like 2 bowls that can be put together) sized 20 cm in diameter (that's 7.8 inches).




After I glued it together with my trusty Ovalit P (a styrofoam specific glue that can be used as well for wallpapers) I cut a hole into what it'll be it's bottom side. I don't like my planets to be "half" balls, that looks plain ugly when I see it on other people's boards, but I don't want them to be "full" balls either, cause I want the spaceships floating around their equator.




After that, I splattered the balls surface with the glue and rolled it over a newspaper, which gave it an already great icy appearance.




It took 2 days until the glue was dry on all sides. Then I removed too high uprising and fragile rests of glue by just "caressing" the ball gently with flat hands (damn, that sounds not really sane, does it? haha!), so that the surface wouldn't be hurt.


And then, the next step: onto the surface I brushed two layers of thinned down Vallejo Glacier Blue and let it wait to dry for a few days again. And voila: a planet, just needs a finishing touch now!




And the finishing touch, after the ball is finally dry again, is brushing white over the surface, so the uprising "mountain" shapes get a really icy feeling. But I wasn't happy with just the brush effect, so I lighted it up some more with spraying white primer over the ball from far away.




So far, for not too much work invested, not a bad result at all and makes for a nice ice planet on the battlefield."


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