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LoS Question for CQB

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So played a game last night and having read dome rules I think I may of got confused.

So when firing main ordinance you can ignore enemy models in the same squadron as blocking because you might kill the front and damage spill over. So if you can see the front model and no other squardon blocks the others the whole squad is a viable target.

How does this work for CQB as this is attacks both ways. Are models at the back viable targets yet they cant contribute because their own squad blocks them yet they could be killed by attacks because the los would be freed up. This assumes they are all in range.

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Page 90 of the digital rule book clearly states:



CQB Attacks are resolved in the same manner as other Attacks, however the target Squadron also performs a SIMULTANEOUS CQB Attack too, with every Model in Range and Line of Sight contributing.  


So you contribute if you are in range & LoS, if you aren't in LoS but in range then you can be threatened, but cannot fight back. 


​This adds a layer of tactics to the squadron movement, and to that of someone initiating CQB, say you suck at it (like Aquans), you can in theory roll up next to an enemy line of tanks, if only one of them can see you, you only have to survive one CQB attack.


Hadn't really appreciated this before, and have probably played it wrong myself more than once, but looking into it seems pretty clear cut. 

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No worries Chris, I imagine most of us are still making little mistakes due to mis-reads, this is one that without you having brought it up I probably could have missed it, not sure how often it will matter, but I think playing smart it could really cause your opponent some serious problems. 

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