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Forlorn Hope question

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During a recent game (Directorate v Terran) a question arose about what happens to a unit that has gone forlorn hope,


What happened was I attacked my opponent's Terran APC and did enough damage to give it a damage marker. My opponent then failed the disorder test by one thereby causing his unit to go into forlorn hope. The problem was that he still had infantry embarked in the APC and he had already changed to a different helix. 


My understanding of this situation is that the infantry unit would be lost when the APC is removed from the game in the end phase.


As neither I or my opponent new for certain what should happen, we decided that I should roll one D3 to decide if the infantry could deploy before the APC was removed in the end phase.


Could someone from Spartan Games please confirm what should have happened in this situation please?

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The infantry would not be lost. As per Page 70 in the rulebook:


Should the Model that is transporting the Infantry Squadron be Destroyed,
any excess hits from the attack are then distributed to the transported Infantry Squadron with no saves (Cover/Shield/Shield Projector Saves) permitted.
The Infantry Squadron may then make an immediate out-of-sequence Disembark Move Action from the Destroyed
Model before it is removed from play. (see Disembarking, Page 72).
Once this is done the Infantry take an Activated Marker.

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