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Trying to decide how to expand my RSN.

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I have the RSN starter set. I do plan to add 3 heavy Cruisers to my RSN, but after that I'm not sure what to do next. Ultimately I am shooting for no more than 1200 fleet. what I can't decide is if I want to go all pure RSN or to add other ships from the Zenian League. Of the top I have been debating myself if to add Dindrenzi or Kedorian.


Dindrenzi because of the natural allies. Up to a half and half force. They operate similar so no real new stuff to learn. Synergy baby.

Kedorian for their shunt ability. I was thinking use them to jump and lock down opponents. Then hit then had with my RSN. Hammer and anvil tactics. So how it works in my mind.


Please any advice and suggestions. I am open to other ships, not just the ones listed.

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RSN are the Natural Allies of the Dindrenzi, not the other way around. I know that's weird, but that's the way it is. If you want to field RSN with Dindrenzi, you have to play a Dindrenzi fleet. Zenian Support fleets (a fleet with RSN as its core faction) cannot bring models from any of the core Zenian factions, such as the Dindrenzi.


Page 1 of the Zenian Fleet Manual: Zenian Support Fleets: Unlike Alliance Fleets, Zenian Support Fleets do not contain any models from the three major races, instead, they are comprised entirely of models from this Fleet Manual.


To bring Dindrenzi, you would have to build a fleet using the rules from the Dindrenzi fleet manual. This means you would have to bring minimum tier restrictions of Dindrenzi models, put your Admiral on a Dindrenzi tier 1, and bring RSN as allied forces (up to 50% because of Natural Allies). On a positive note, this does give you access to the two Dindrenzi racial TACs.


As for other options, I recommend the destroyer / frigate group and the dreadnought group, as the dreadnought is amazing, the destroyers are great, and you should have two squads of frigates for minimum tier requirements in a battle fleet. Kedorians are nifty, just keep in mind battle shunting can put them in a position beyond your fleet's ability to effectively cover them. Also, don't forget you can download the Marauders & Mercenaries fleet manual, and use any of those models with your RSN as well. Up to 25% of your fleet can be from M&M, however, it will take away all TAC options except the six general ones, and your Fleet Tactics Bonus becomes the lowest of whatever you brought. Since the Zenian TACs are kinda meh (in my opinion) you could add some Oroshan models (also FTB 3) for no real loss.

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