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Firing solution, complex situation

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I have been re-reading the FAQs again regarding the example about the Kratos firing at Lamanas (one unit firing all its weapon systems at a multi-model squadron) but what happens in a situation where you have a multi-model squadron firing at a single target or (worse) another multi-model squadron.


So for example: my Heimdal squadron, because a sudden formation change or because squeezing around other friendly tanks formations / streets have ended up forming a queue towards at a target (for example an Eris grav tank). All Heimdals can fire at it, but only two of the Heimdals have that Eris within their EF range, but the last one (because there is a SH-Ullr in-between) has that grav tank at LR. Each Heimdal as 8 dice at ER and 6 at LR....So, when compiling dice how many I get?


1) I get 8+8+6= 22 dice but the attack counts as firing a Hover unit at long range (-1 to hit)


2) I can only fire at long range so I get 6+6+6 = 18 dice plus the -1 to hit penalty.


3) I choose to fire at short range so last Hemidal cannot fire, so I get 8+8 = 16 dice but I get no penalty for firing a Hover unit at short range.


4) anything else


So which one is correct?



I could come late on asking about a mutli-model "queued" formation firing at another multi-model "queued" formation of targets, but I think there will not be more stuff to take into account in that case.


Thanks in advance

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My understanding is that Options 1 and 3 are both viable, and in Option 3 you could combine the 2 close range ones, and then fire the long range one at the same target separately, for 8+8 at EF, and a separate attack of 6 at LR. :)

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