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FSAHoops Battles (and often loses!)

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So a little BatRep for you peeps this evening! I'm going to try and write down my naval engagements for you all to read (see: laugh at), and give feed back if you please. I will apolagise for my grammar, I sometimes struggle to put words in the right order!


So, with that in mind, today's whipping came from my close friend and geek jockjay. In nearly 15 years of gaming I've beaten him once! This was a few months ago, and it seems he came back to remind me of the gaming pecking order around here :)


We decided on a 1.2k list, which in hindsight for the size of my current board, was wrong. I'm currently playing on the Dreadfleet sea mat from GW. A good fleet size would be 1k or less... But never mind, I digress. JJ wins the roll for deployment and we start setting up the fleets. The list I took was:


Federated States of America

Liberty - Shields, Commodore

2 Princetons

4 Guilfords


Royal Australia


2 Victorias

2 Tasmanias

4 Protectors


Local Support

5 fighters

4 bombers

1 recce


This was the first outing for my RA, a test run if you will. Oh, sorry for no pics. A. Forgot. B. Need to find a way that I can put them up here, the uploader doesn't like me!


Turn 1

I win the roll and elect to go first. Mainly minor shooting and maneuvering, with both of us knocking off 1 HP here and there. It is at this point I realised that I have placed my 2 Victoria monitors in such a way that will take them out of the game pretty much. The only hits worth mentioning are my Liberty heavy battleship killing a single destroyer, and his battleship causing 3 HP and 1/2 AD on my Cerberus pocket battleship. The repair stage sees me repair the 1/2 AD result.


Turn 2

Things heat up a little, with his battleship opening up piecemeal, doing 3 HP and 1/2 AD on a Tasmania tender-cruiser and killing a Guilford destroyer. The destroyers proceed to fail the disorder test. More single HP here and there, until his gunships open up. OUCH. They proceed to outright destroy my Cerberus pocket battleship with linked fire that looked more akin to a GW guardsman round of shooting... SO. MANY. DICE! His frigates then go on to kill a Tasmania tender-cruiser to see me a little behind at the end of turn 2. The disorder test costs me 3 AP/HP which I split 1 AP each.


Turn 3

A very short turn, and I forgot to write down the first few things. His carrier starts off by moving into boarding range of my Guilford destroyers, leaving 2 derelict, and so I seize upon the chance to enact some revenge. My Liberty scores a few solid hits, along with the remaining Tasmania. Then I see the chance to kill him, with my Victoria monitors. They exceed my expectations, needing to only knock off 2 or 3 HP to really scupper his flank... I critical hit him, and score snake eyes! Jubilation! It's blown up! Hold on... half my fleet (due to poor placing) is withing 4 inches of him, in an attempt to get around and start opening him up. But the gaming gods are truly not with me as the resulting 18AD, yes EIGHTEEN ATTACK DICE per ship proceeds to level everything. the list of casualties from that:



5 bombers



5 bombers

2 destroyers

3 frigates

1 gunship teleports almost off the edge

1 monitor gets triple crit'ed teleports and blows up

1 monitor gets shredded defences

and my heavy battleship loses 1HP


It's over. The resulting explosion has lost me my bomber and 6 boats. JJ is practically crying with laughter (though to be fair, I'm chuckling too), and I hand him the game, as there is no point carrying on.


SO, what did I learn? LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION!!!! The RA are pretty good, but in an FSA list, they should be a couple squadrons, not half the fleet.


Stay tuned!!

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More Magazine Explosions, I say!!  ;-)  I'd like to see a mechanism for targeting certain critical areas, like there is in Firestorm Armada (or for generators in DW), but then things might just get a little silly...  ;-)

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Quick query - how did he leave two of your destroyers derelict in a single turn? Apart from the fact that a model can only target one other model with a boarding action per activation (Section C7, first page, top of second column), any non-capital models left derelict are immediately removed from play (Section C7, boarding results table) - effectively the same as if he'd elected to do a crit on them instead.

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Got a game against an old friend of mine before he disappears to a sunnier climate. His KoB vs my FSA at 850 naval core. Hopefully finish deciphering my best mates notes tomorrow and get a BatRep in for you lovely peeps

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FSA vs KoB - 850 Naval

So the other night saw me play against my old friend Neal and his KoB, at 850 points of Navy, with jockjay adjudicating.

After setting up the table, Neal won the dice role and I started setting up first. This time I thought about synergy, what is better against what, and actually tried to plan. I'd rolled a 6 on the mission chart, and without realising that KoB excels with medium ships, went for them. Neal got kill 70%. Neal won the roll to go first and started turn one.

Turn One

As per the norm, turn one was rather scrappy, a lot of moving and low level shooting. But I very quickly realised that I had chosen wrong with my mission choice. I discovered that my Lexington light cruisers are Very good at taking out small ships, thanks to them being non capital class. They killed a frigate at long range, and Neal saved his disorder test. Next up my Independence battleship took a HP off his battleship, and by sheer luck my Princeton gunships killed two more frigates. My shields and CC were on top form, as Neal's shooting failed to do any damage.

Turn Two

I gained the initiative, and straight away opened up with my Lexington's, killing another two frigates, but again Neal passed his disorder test. My LAS got in close to his bombers and I shot terribly, taking only a single HP and losing a fighter in the progress. Then one of his LAS bombers hit a Lexington and proceeded to double crit it, only loosing a single bomber! Ouch, I need to watch them a little more in the future. My Princeton's opened up again, killing off the last frigate. I had truly chosen the wrong mission there. My Independence did 3 HP on his battleship scoring a generator offline on the crit table, making me glad I'd got broadside onto him. Neal then managed to get a bit better shooting with his battle cruiser, scoring a HP on the Independence. At this point the game seemed rather one sided, and if I'd chosen the right mission, it would've been close to over by now.

Turn Three

I again won the initiative and opened up with the Independence scoring 2 HP and rolling half AD on the crit table against his battleship. I honestly believe this crit result saved me, as his next shooting from the BS was pretty much non existent. My lone spotter gave a spotted marker to the battleship, though my IDF from the Princeton's did nothing. Neal's battle cruiser scratched another HP off the Independence, as I made shouts of "chase me, chase me!" around the large centre island. Then his cruisers (Tribals, I believe) entered the fray, scoring a heavy 3 HP against the Independence scoring a hard pounding and killing 3 AP. My LAS fighters squared off against his LAS bombers and both kill 2 each and my other fighters kill off his other stand of bombers. For the first time ever since I started playing Dystopian Wars, turn 4 was about to start.

Turn Four

For the third time that evening I won the initiative, with Neal getting increasingly frustrated with some of my luck. I started up with my spotter marking up his battleship, I was determined to kill a commodore! Then I realised my folly. I should've moved battleship first, as his cruisers drew a bead on my battleship and sunk it! Dammit! Thankfully I passed all the disorder tests, but that had truly opened this game back up. I was desperate to kill his battleship, as it only had 2 HP left, but my Princeton's only managed one, and his shields negated my last Lexington. As neither of us had completed objectives, the fabled turn 5 started!

Turn Five

Neal got the initiative! I was counting on gaining it, to try and actually attempt the win, even if it was only minor. Neal spins his cruisers into a 90 degree move, gaining low speed markers, but kill one of my Guilford destroyers, and the destroyers return fire double crit'ing and killing one in return. His battle cruiser gets a HP on a Guilford and the final shots of the game see my Augusta squadron kill one of his medium bombers. The game was carnage, but it was over. Neal scored 345 points and I had scored 310, with neither of us getting our mission done. It was a solid draw.

So what had I learnt from my first game against the KoB? Stick to the plan! If I get to choose what to kill, choose small ships, especially with Lexington light cruisers in my Orbat.

A thoroughly good game, in all honestly it was great to fight against a non Russian!

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Never forget what your mission is! It is one of the easiest and most costly mistakes to make.


Also beware the recursive version of it.... "I know I have to get all the mediums, but I can't leave that battleship alive on that flank/taking that carrier will make the 'and 50%' easy/  some other variation on these themes. This is harder, as the reasoning for getting distracted is so sound!


You should always ( barring very odd custom scenarios )get to see what you opponent has before field orders come up, so only have yourself, or the accursed dice to blame for picking the wrong  mission... I just failed to beat a Russian fleet, as an undamaged Annapolis, with the choice of firing at RB 1 or 2, with clear line of sight failed to take the last HP off a  Borodino... :wacko:  How hard is it to get 6 hits?!!



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