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OE vs CoA (1250pts) - Zuhaf to be Kiddin' Me...

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The commodore looked over the bay. The Covenant’s capture of Hjalmar Stark had been a huge setback. The Danish mastermind was behind the huge web of mines that now littered the Aegean sea unattended and unmapped, equally dangerous to the Alliance shipping passing to Russia and to the Ottomans that had commissioned them. Liberating him was now their top priority.



195 – Sadrazam + MCG

180 – Sadrazam

180 – 2x Sinop + 2x Recons

225 – 3x Fettah

160 – 4x Arci

120 – 4x Mizrak

90 – 3x Zuhaf

90 – 3x Zuhaf

1x 5 Bombers

1x 5 Fighters



200 – Diophantus + 2x 3TFTs

200 – Diophantus + 2x 3TFTs

115 – Hippasus

115 – Nemesis

165 – 3x Plato

150 – 3x Plutarch

100 – 4x Fury

100 – 5x Thales

100 – 5x Thales

1x Fighters

1x Fighters


Turn 1

The Ottomans, heavily out-activation’d, we able to use their huge bombards to instantly sink a plato. From there, it really just went downhill. Once the TFT moves were over with, and the storms were down, impeding the firepower from the larger vessels (though not from particle accelerators, of course, causing the Fettahs to suffer a double crit), it was the turn of the Hippasus to shine. Two units of Thales and the Plutarchs charged across the table, crossing the width of the table in one turn and causing absolute carnage. The commodore Sadrazam took so much damage that, by the time the boarding action came in and they sabotaged it, the resulting magazine explosion was almost revenge by the Ottomans for what had gone before. In one explosion a total of 645pts of damage was caused (3 Zuhafs, the sadrazam, the Arcis and two complements of Thales, I guess 705 if you count that the commodore made good his escape to the second battleship). I’ve not seen one do quite that much damage in a while. In some ways it was hilarious. In other ways, it was TURN GODDAMN ONE. A fettah sank from acid damage in the repair phase too…


CoA – 650

OE – 360


Stark’s verdict – “See also – Involuntary colonoscopy”


Turn 2


So, with the initial offence devastated, but half of the enemy fleet crushed, the scientists forged on (double-six-ing their initiative to my slight despair). The plutarchs and particle accelerators set about tearing lots of holes in the mediums, and despite a nice combination of meltemi’s fury and the monitor’s lending their storm to protect the second battleship, it really was too little too late. Various firepowers from the covenant larges destroyed the remaining fettahs, though the Mizrak’s got a couple of Furies and the last Fettah and Monitors (half AD) managed to off a second plato between them. Somewhere in the melee a monitor sank, removing the battleship’s defences, and a critical hit on the Sadrazam left the generator offline. Now standing naked in the middle of the battlefield, it stood no chance against the incoming Nemesis and Hippasus, and sank without trace.



CoA – 590 (1240)

OE – 130 (490)



This was a real thundering and crushing defeat for the Ottomans, and helped to illustrate and vindicate all of my previous gripes with their list:


Problems that won’t get changed (because they’re hard-wired into the Core rules):

·         Mine-controller gens don’t work with a minelaying escort, because the MCG has to activate before the unit moves and lays mines. This means that the mines don’t get to move, and you have to essentially buy two of the feckless things. Also make them free, because they’re awful. Or take the whole minelaying schtick out of the ORBAT and let us do something else. Something not self-limited by its own flawed design.

·         The storms are not good enough. Not nearly good enough. Especially if your opponent can slip his units straight past without penalty through a portal. The effects of storms, storms that are HUGE, a tornado hundreds of metres across, should be much more potent than ‘-1 to move and -1 to LoS’.

·         Skimmers vs Torpedoes. I finally worked out why this has been bugging me. In 1.1, skimmers were -1 to hit with torpedoes, and as such their CC was lower. Whilst the -1 to hit changed, skimmers still have rubbish CC. Overall upshot is that skimmers go from safe against torps to hyper-vulnerable to torps.


Problems specific to the Ottoman ORBAT:

·         Elite crew is meaningless if you don’t have dice in hand. Sure, they’ll survive one boarding action, but there will be very few of them left for the second one. And the Sadrazam gets of lightly. The Hisar, a 525pt prize, has seven crew and only 5 AA. That is not enough, whatever class the crew are. That’s why neither it nor the Kanuni, a 700pt prize (Albeit with more appropriate defences) came out to play, and they are very difficult to justify outside of very large-points games. (But I can already hear the bleats of “l33tI How can there be a problem if your crew are l33t?!”)

·         Zuhaf. Everything about this model, with the possible exception of it’s CC 2, is awful. If they’re an escort, whose job involves using AA, don’t they get pack-hunter or something?

·         Sustained Fire. Where’s the beef, Spartan? Why, when the EIMC kept theirs pretty much, has ours become a joke?

·         Turrets, in particular on the BB. Never strong enough when it’s time to play. Bombards are fine, so leave them alone come the update. Turrets are rubbish though. I seem to remember the old fluff insinuating that they fired rapidly, and frankly they could use the sustained fire more than the broadsides.

·         Skimmers. Are they faster, like the Fettah, or slower like the Mizrak and Sadrazam? Choose which, and choose the one that makes them faster. Because in the pseudo-science, that makes more sense.

·         Defenses. We need one that’s always ‘on’. The imperial bond, suffering MAR-leak across its factions already, is full of them. Rugged, Retardant armour, a raised value, whatever it takes. Storms are not strong enough on their own. Don’t give us that flame-retardant stuff though, that’s proper useless. It’ll also free up the ottomans to be more unpredictable in battle because right now it’s ‘which of the storm gens is going first?’, which is easy to work around as an opposing commander.


I took a real hammering in this battle, even worse than the glass cannon Danes, and whilst there might be small areas of luck here or there, the Turks are fundamentally too weak to be taken seriously in v2.0. In a fluff of an escalating arms race, they went backwards. That’s illogical and intensely frustrating.


Why should Constantinople get the works? That’s nobody’s business but the Turks.

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Having reread this not at 1am, I can see I ranted rather harder than intended.

But still, there are some tiny rules and combinations of rules that have almost no impact on any other faction, but really neuter the ottomans. Mines are the pinnacle of this.

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Well the mine gen being out of step with the escorts is hard-wired into the rulebook so that wont become useful. It'll have to be an alternative escort model or an upgrade to the mines themselves.

Storm gens too. Not getting fixed on account of being hard-wired. That'll have to be more storm points.

Obviously there will be more models, but the concerns are more deeply rooted than just throwing models at the problem.

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Possibly upped storm points or AD spreads for certain weapons. Possibly an entire change to their turrets on the dread and BB to be more of large hunters. Other than that and maybe a few more options for generators I'm having a hard time imagining what can be done to tweak the ottomans.

As for the OP keep them coming! :D

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I keep saying: Lerriano  get on the play tester wagon!

We have smashed out some good ideas about other factions (you said I was crazy but I stand by SUSA getting regenerating tree ships!!!) and you have a good nose for balance.


Plus I am happy to take yer biggest shot!

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