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Lizards in a dusty urban environment

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Thanks !


And here it is finished.

I'll put some dry grass later.


And again about my process on the "sand" color, it's probably longer than it should. I should find the way to get it in less steps but I still need some reflexion about it.

It's also due tu the fact I was away from home and didn't have my undercoat sprays to spray it white, but did it with a black primer applied with a brush.


Enjoy !


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Hi guys

Coming back to Planetfall, and building the remnants of my core helix.

Wanted to guve more dynamism in the walkers, to cut some resin here and there, glued everithing with only green stuff (that stick very well, fill the junctions, an allow repositionning begin still fresh) and put two right legs to one, and two left legs to the other ;)

Glued everything in one time to adjust position, so I put something to support the load of the body in position.



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No I had a vague idea before getting started.

The problem to make some tests with sticky stuff is that there are too many pieces.

Tring to glue everything at once has the advantage of repositionning during the process. Even separating and cutting and put togethe again. But yeah, it's not easy.

or you trys with everything but glue only the legs part to begin with.

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Hi there !


Here are the reinforcments :)
Recon and Interceptor Helixes
I cut the legs of the Ja'Gor from the bases and gave more dynamic postures, as for the Bor'Ka.
As Vonhymack, I put the flyers at a more realistic height with wooden skewer sticks
Hope you like it
See you soon ;)

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