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Nicius' Red'n Grey Sorylian Space Lizards

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Hi everybody,


I saw that my dear opponent Matti uploaded some of pictures of his white space-spiders to this forum, so I thought I'd give you a glimpse of the artillery that will soon smash them to white pulp (or at least so I hope)


Lets start with a size comparison. I've heard that Planetfall is in same scale as N scale for model railroads. Since Model railroading is another hobby of my, I thought I'd snap a quick pic for size. Pictured here is a VW Beetle of the local fire department in front of Huk'ka Heavy Walker




Now onto the rest of the core helix. I still need to finish the base of the Huk'Ka, but the model is 99% done. I decided to go with a grey-red paint scheme because I kinda liked the pink-reddish studio paint scheme, but I thought is lacked something. Since I'm used to painting battle ship grey (actually, Uniform Grey to be precise) I thought this was a nice contrast to the red. Since Sorylian's are supposed to be communist space lizards, I went for a nice full red.








And here is a shot of my Bor'ka Squadron in front of some of my heavy infantry. Bases are almost done. These pictures are taken at night, so I'm sorry for the poor quality.




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thanks guys! I'll try to het some proper pictures of all the finished models soon. I only need to finish the hover bikes and the transport skiff for this half Core. Then its time for a recon (or the other core if it finally arrives from Spartan)

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Thanks you are the kind replies guys!


Here ares ome better shots of my infantry and Bor'ka's.  Its terrible weather here today (dutch summer :( ) so this is the best I can do for now. The batteries from my camera are still charging so you'll have to make do with (ancient) iPhone shots for now.


Crappy overview:




Heavy Infantry:






Light Infantry:












Hope you enjoy!

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there's my car again with the heavy inf! great work

Are you sure, there are several wrecked cars scattered throughout my force  ;) . For all you know, you're might be squashed by a Huk'Ka.


Red and grey goes nice together. I think i will steal ... take the color scheme as inspiration, when i get my veydreth recon helix.  :)

I'll take that as a compliment  :)

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Soo I'm running out of my red paints. I currently use Army painter dragon red and pure red for my reds. However Army painter paints are not available locally. I was wondering if anybody knows comparable colours to these to reds from Citadel ( I have a local GW store) or maybe valleyo?

I must say my experience with valleyo has been hit and miss though.

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Recently added a Heavy Helix to my army. Here is the first tank destroyer.

Still a WIP though. It needs some OSL and off course basing.


Really like how this model turned out. Was a bit unsure about the final highlight. Its a bit brighter then my previous one. I've used Valleyo burning orange instead of Army Painter Pure Red but I like the effect. Makes the model pop a bit more.


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