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Pictures of Batrep KoB vs. Italy..:)

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A friend of mine and I had a wonderful eventin yesterday as we tried out a self written scenario. In a nutshell there were 5 possible objectives to fullfill and my freind played a 1500p Italian fleet with some Danes. I featured my newly painted INdian Raj and many trusted KoB units.


The missions were rescue a spy, gather information, destroy a research outpost, sink a passenger ship and capture a small island wit an air field.


I fielded around 2500 P but a huge part of it was in reserve and never arrived. He didn't have an easy time but managed to blast the outpost and sink the ship. He managed to find the spy but I managed to sink the ship with the spy. All in all it was great fun and we learned a lot!!


The text is in German (as always) but I hope the pictures speak for themselves!!








More pics on my blog!!


I enjoy to be 'back'..:) First game after half a year!

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Was the Titan a proxy for some other model or did it have different stats in the scenario? I just wonder how could that poor ship keep afloat with -9 HP?


Well observed....it had different stats...10 HP.....:D

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