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CQB vs Transports

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On Page 70 of the digital Rulebook.



Should the Model that is transporting the Infantry Squadron

be Destroyed, any excess hits from the attack are then distributed
to the transported Infantry Squadron with no saves (Cover/Shield/Shield
Projector Saves) permitted.

So yes, they just roll the hits on over onto the passengers.

And I'd say no, the disembarked Infantry don't get to CQB at all, as they aren't being shot at, rather being damaged as a result of another 'combat'. I like to imagine it as the confused passengers scrambling out of their now-on-fire transport and getting gunned down by whatever is outside.

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C0rruptd is pretty spot on. I will as an aside add that getting shot out off your transport will add an activation marker but does not prevent them from initiating CQB later in the turn. The only reason they can't as a reaction to their transport popping is it is just an out of sequence movement and CQB is a separate phase.

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