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Duetzefix' weird little ships

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Hi! I started painting again yesterday, and it was fun! I don't think I've finished painting a model in more than five years, now, let alone three.

But I realised I'm rusty. So I hope this thread can motivate me to keep on paintin'. Maybe the rust'll flake off that way. :D


Anyway, here's some pictures:




It's my first try at OSL, so I'd be grateful for any hints, tips etc.


Oh, and, forgive the "quality": The only camera I have is my phone. :wacko: 

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As these are effectively the first models you've painted, you're off to a good start.

OSL is very difficult with just brushes. The best results are from an airbrush, so if that's not an option, you need to get some 'technical' mediums to mix with your paints. Vallejo has an excellent line of these modifiers; Citidel has a few as well.

Worst case, you can try some advanced techniques like wet blending, as a last resort.

If you find a solution that works for you, great! If not, these models still look good.

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@Ryjak: An airbrush is not an option for me at the moment, but I'll look into the "technical" mediums you mentioned. The paintjobs are supposed to be tabletop standard, anyway, so I probably won't bother with wet blending. :)

@Frans: The colour choice is the only thing you can mention as positive? My models must be awful! ;):lol:

I hope I can get a few cruisers done this weekend. Now that I've said that I probably have to paint them, right?  :D 

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OSL is largely about blending your light color into the base color underneath it. You can do that with patient glazing using thin paints. You can do it much faster with an airbrush, but (IMO), you have to use somewhat translucent pigments to get it to look right.


I would also recommend applying the glow effect using a slightly darker color than your brightest light effect. It brings out the engine as the light source, and makes the light cast on the hull look more like cast illumination than source light.


It's a tricky effect to do well, but you're starting out well, and asking the right questions. Keep it up!

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It puts the paint on the resin or else it gets the hose again!


So, it's been a while. Nice being back. I painted some things in the last few weeks, didn't want to keep them from the public. Or the public from them. Anyway, I could use some motivation to keep going.


First the Aquan half of the Taskforce box:

Carcinus and Ladon


Ladon shows off its engines


Oh no, Carcinus fell over!


Nereids, still don't know where their engines are so I just guessed



And the first finished things from RotO, more to come:

Chimaeras, confused


The belly of the ... beast? Small aggressive aquatic creature?


Liquidators, with purpose


Nothing funny to see here, folks


Strange structure


I think it just turned on ...


So cute!



Let me know what you think!

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Thank you for your feedback!

The colour scheme on the Aquans is basically what I came up with after I saw a picture of a whale shark. It's easy to do (just spray the bottom white then the top brown) and looks pretty, although it probably makes the whole fleet look really brown on the table. In my experience the problem with many space ship models is that you can't really see all the detail on the bottom of the ship and, in this case, the colour of the bottom, which is a bit of a waste because it's pretty to look at.

The Directorate colour scheme is something I think I blatantly stole from Kurgan IIRC. I'm not 100% on my interpretation of the colour scheme on the frigates, I think it's a bit boring and could use a little more contrast. Maybe some brighter green stripes on the dark green parts for the larger ships?

Here's a better picture of the Anathema drone, the one I took yesterday was too blurry to post:


And here's two pictures of the Shiva gunships, the one on the left is the one I finished today, the right one has been finished for about three weeks, now:



Not sure why exactly the left one is so much darker than the right one but I'm just going to accept it. Left one isn't completely varnished, either, my spray can of matte varnish crapped out on me yesterday, maybe that'll change something on how it looks.

Next up: Sulis heavy cruisers, probably by the end of the week. First I need a new can of varnish.

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I like to believe that's a compliment, so thanks! :D


Here, as promised, the Sulises:




Not much to say: Today's Sulis is on the right, the other one has been finished for a few weeks already. New varnish actually helped evening out the models. Oannes coming up as soon as I get to it, so probably tomorrow. No promises, though. ;)

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So, as (not) promised I'm back with the big 'un, only a day late. The light is bad today which messed up my pictures, so please be kind.



From the bottom:


And the whole shoal:




Next up: Directorate. I guess I'll start with the gunships. I give myself time until next weekend, if I'm not back by then inform the president.

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Thanks, that's really kind of you to say. :)


Fashionably late here are the Aquan SRS that have been lying around for weeks but I only just got around to take a picture of:



And, as promised, Annihilation-class gunships Kelenken and Paracrax, ready for duty:



The Turmoils should be quicker, I hope. :)

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Not that quick, it turns out. Anyway, on to the Turmoils, DFC Bathornis-PI99 and DFC Illuyanka-S001 (as you can see I looked up the Directorate's naming conventions):



Pictures are very blue this time, don't ask me why, I didn't do anything different.

Next up: Well, the Anarchist, of course. Last ship from RotO that's still missing.

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So this took longer than expected. Anyway, they've been done for two weeks now so here's some pictures:

First up the dreaded Anarchist battleship DFC Kukulkan-TQ6:



Some SRS tokens:


And the complete fleet:



Thanks for all the nice and supportive comments, by the way, I really appreciate it. :)

My next project is a Terran Patrol Fleet but I'll post the whole thing once it's done, I think.

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