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paintedgobbo's Aquan's

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Hi all,


I've recently bought into Firestorm and picked up a few boxes of Aquans. I toyed around a with a few ideas for colour schemes but eventually settled on dark green with orange as a spot colour. This is largely inspired by the Borons in the PC game X2:The Threat.


I thought I'd take the lead from other posters and show my progress as I go. I'm playing my first ever game tonight so been painting the last two evenings in preparation.

I started with the Snapper Corvettes, since they were the smallest and 6 of them allowed me to test out a few different schemes before I finally settled on the green:-





Apologies for the light quality, it was pretty late last night!


On my painting table:

1 Battleship

1 Battlecarrier

3 Escorts

2 large SRS and 2 small SRS tokens


Edit: larger image

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Yep I intend to take another pic when I get home tonight, in natural daylight.

I'll also choose a better background. That's my lounge carpet, which was directly underneath the light so I could get the best shot. I ought to know better and have waited until the next morning :lol:

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This Thursday evening it's the second battle for my Aquans in our Escalation League  - battle report thread here


In preparation I wanted to bulk up my FSA counters. I don't have long fingernails so always struggle to pick up the counters from the patrol fleet box.

The procedure was simple enough.


1. Find an old piece of foam board in the loft

2. Stick the counters to it using PVA glue and wait to dry

3. Cut them out with a Stanley knife

4. Cover them with sticky back plastic. (thanks Blue Peter!)


They're now much beefier and easy to handle, and they look quite nice too!




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No, it's a sheet of self-adhesive tracing paper, with a shiny plastic-like surface used for protecting stuff.
I'm not sure what the proper name is but we always called it sticky back plastic, due to the "non advertising" policy of the BBC.

We used to cover the outer cover of our school books with it.


Here's a link to some on Ebay (UK)

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