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Atropos Priest's Dindrenzi planetfall :)

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And here is my first completed unit (sans basing, still haven't settled on a grass...). You can't see it from this angle, because I suck at photography, but their little rail guns are glowing blue :).



It doesn't pop as much from a distance, but I wanted to go for something a bit more fine detailed (for my skills, anyway haha) oriented with planetfall.



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Hehe, thanks! It's a bit different for the pod/vehicles vs the nyx.

For the vehicle/pod its airbrushed black primer and then a 50/50 mix of Vallejo air grey green (I think?) and black, thinned down 1:1 with airbrush thinner. This mix is dusted over the top at 45 degrees, focusing on the very top but not being too precious. Then a 'strong tone' by army painter wash airbrushed on. Then I hit all the edges with old gw mechanicum grey, finally hit the most external points and where hard lines join with thinned down white, being very conservative at this point. A bit more labour intensive than dry brushing... But easy enough to do once you do it model after model (I hope).

Nyx was similar. Black primer, but this time straight green grey painted on, avoiding deepest recesses. Then the strong tone wash painted on. Then the parts where the armour would shine in direct over head light I lightly painted white. Finally a 8:1 airbrush thinner to gw black glaze over the model to tone down the highlights. You could probably skip the grey and wash and go right to highlights, but something subtle would probably be lost I guess.

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I will! In fact, here is the result of my painting from 10pm til 1am - I now have my first two finished units (sans bases, again haha...).


Still thinking about how I'll differentiate them... Any thoughts guys? I'm thinking very tiny number stencils on the pods (my freehand = terrible), but not sure how to get the Nyx differentiated into obvious units without compromising on the aesthetic...

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Going back to your differentiating of Nyx squads, I've done something to differentiate my Core and Recon Helix cadres, so I don't accidentally cheat and try moving one during the others activation... I didn't stress differntiating the 4 Core Cadres, as they normally have different load-outs, and rarely get close enough on the field to get mixed up. :P

Since I don't like the idea of making them massively different from a distance (like a blue shoulder pad, red shoulder pad, etc) I thought I'd go something a lot more subtle but still noticeable if you look.

Basically, all my Nyx get two small white pips on the red right-hand shoulder pad. The Recon Nyx though get an additional Green pip hard up against one of the white pips, and a small triangle on the back-left-chestplate. Since they are what I assume are more 'senior' Nyx due to Fearless and Command Element (Nyx SAS? Nyx Commandos? Nyx SEALS?) they got more markings to show it. :P

(Please note: My painting is NOT meant to be viewed at this zoom, but it's much easier to show with my dodgy camera if I do... Also, they are in fact the same colour, but I was messing with exposure to try and get the colours I was talking about to show...   :unsure: )

Core Nyx:


Recon Nyx:

One other idea I toyed with but ultimately rejected was to paint the Recon Nyx in a dark grey-green rather than grey-black, to represent 'camouflage'. I thought it might be a bit jarring for my absolute need for uniformity, but might be a thought you like though? :)

Anyways, just more food for thought, and can't wait to see more of these 'drenzi painted soon! :)

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At the moment they have a red vertical stripe on both shoulders and a red right knee. My next core infantry will just have to have some variation on that theme. I'll have to mull it over, got ages till it is relevant ha.


As for the recon units, was considering red legs, or helmet, or something like that. A red right arm, perhaps? Easy to spot from a distance.

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