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The Battle of Kadesh

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Well, no glitter (yet), but 25% Terrain coverage this time! We checked ;)

So, the game was played mid May, but stuff kept me from writing a report so... Chadda Offensive is over unfortunately.


Also, I haven't got the Dindrenzi Fleet list, so I will edit that later on.



1000 Points


Zenian League Race: Dindrenzi Federation (DF)

Kurak Alliance Race: Sorylian Collective (SC)

Campaign: The Chadda Offensive

Scenario: 2 - Escalating Engagement

Location: Gardens of Kadesh (Well, blame HW2 for taht ;) )

Dindrenzi Star Admiral Geo Sheremdoc

Sorylian Star Admiral Thronmann Sternenseits



After the unsuccesfull attempt to free „Milex IIIaH“ from Dindrenzi Occupation, the Sorylians had to put a hold to enemy fleet activities. Fortunately, the data was lost during the battle, so not all was lost in the end. However, the Sorylians had to take action at last.

High Command sent Star Admiral Thronmann Sternenseits out to seek any daring Dindrenzi Federation forces who would seek out new planets to conquer and put a hold on their plans.

And the didn’t have to wait long before Dindrenzi Federations Star Admiral Sheremdoc tried to expand his influence further into Sorylian territory...



Dindrenzi Fleet  


T1 1x Pretoria Battleship                                                                 




T2 2X Battlecruisers


                        Battlecruiser Squadron Terpiskore Urania


T2 3x Heavy Cruisers


                        Thetis, Euboea, Salamis


T3 3xFrigates


                        Battlegroup Rhodopis: Rhodopis, Thais, Glykera


T3 3xFrigates


                        Battlegroup Phytionike: Phytionike, Lais, Laina



Sorylian Fleet


T1 1x Falx Battleship                                                                        210 Pts.

            +1“MV, +1 Shield

                        Kathedrale von Karos

                        (Kathedral of Karos)


T2 3x Falcata Cruisers                                                                      180 Pts.

                        Battlegroup Vaterfaust - Weltenkrümmer, Lichtdieb, Quantenpuls

                        (Father’s Fist - Worldbender, Lightthief, Quantumpulse)


T2 3x Falcata Cruisers                                                                      180 Pts.

                        Battlegroup Sternenlot - Novawelle, Folgetochter, Sternenjade

                        (Starplummet - Novawave, Followdoughter, Starjade)


T2 3x Falcata Cruisers                                                                      180 Pts.

                        Battlegroup Feuerschlaf - Wüstenland, Dunkelsprecher, Herzschlächter

                        (Firesleep - Desertland, Darkspeaker, Heartslaughter)


T3 5x Reaper Frigates                                                                       125 Pts.

            + Pack Hunters

                        Battlegroup Scherenbieger - Acrux, Supay, Qucha, Illapa, Inti



T3 5x Reaper Frigates                                                                      125 Pts.

            + Pack Hunters

                        Battlegroup Seosahm - Tanta, Dranat, Netbura, Arden, Tafalla





Starting forces:


Frigate Squadron Rhodopis & Phytionike and Heavy Cruiser Squadron Salamis

Cruiser Battlegroups Vaterfaust & Sternenlot Frigate Squadron Scherenbieger


The rest of the Fleets was held in reserve.



Turn 1 (Initiative: DF)


Heavy Cruiser Squadron Salamis opens fire on Sorylian Cruiser Squadron Vaterfaust with no effect. The retaliation takes 1 HP from DFs Heavy Cruiser Euboea.

The other DF Heavy Cruisers are more lucky and manage to destroy SC-Frigate Kucha outright and damage Acrux with their torpedos.

Battlegroup Sternenlot sends their torpedoes through a asteroid field towards DF Squadron Phytionike and damage the Frigate. The Frigates‘ massdrivers fire back and Cruiser Novawelle suffers 2 HP damages as well as 2 CP.

All other weapons could not hit or penetrate the enemy armor.


Turn 2 (Initiative: SC)


ALL of the Sorylian reserve enters the battlefield.

The Dindrenzi are not so lucky, their reserves haven’t shown up yet.

Well - things have to go in favor of the Sorylians now!

Cruiser Squadron Vaterfaust opens with a broadside towards Heavy Cruiser Euboea, leaving the ship with 2 HP and 3 CP. The Cruiser Quantenpuls destroys Frigate Rhodopis.

DF Heavy Cruisers Salamis takes revenge, focusses fire on Cruiser Sternenjade in Group Sternenlot, which cannot stand the combined power of the Dindrenzi railguns and is taken out. The Squadron, struggeling to reorganize, is further decimated as the DF torpedos hit Cruiser Novawelle and take her out as well. Not enough with that, the DF ships manage to take 1 HP from Weltenkrümmer in the other SC Cruiser Squadron.

The SC Battleship must take action and opens fire, managing to reduce Frigate Glykera to 1 HP, as well as the Heavy Cruiser Euboea which is hit critically, resulting in a shutdown of it’s PD-Network.

DF Frigates Phytionike takes 1 HP off SC Cruiser Folgetochter and finishes off the damaged Frigate Acrux with torpedos.

The SC Frigate Squadron Seosahm combine their fire and finish off DF Heavy Cruiser Euboea, which suffers a critical reactor overload, resulting in 1 point damage to the DF Heavy Cruiser Thetis.

The second SC Frigate Squadron focus on the DF Frigates, taking out Thais, leaving Squadron Rhodopis with only one ship, the Glykera which cannot manage to do any damage this turn.

Cruiser Folgetochter damages Thetis further, taking 1 HP off the DF warship.

The SC Squadron Scherenbieger cannot manage to penetrate the hull of the sturdy Heavy Cruiser, but destroys Frigate Phytionike with it’s broadsides.

Cruiser Squadron Feuerschlaf is too far away to make an shots count.


Turn 3 (Initiative: DF)


The arriving Battlecruisers open fire upon the SC Flagship, landing a critical hit which results in another CP lost. The manage to take anoter HP from Cruiser Quantenpuls.

The Sorylian Battleship returns fire upon Urania, crits and takes out her fore weapons for now. The Flagship also manages to fires upon Heavy Cruiser Thetis, resulting in -2HP and a Corrosion Marker and finishes off Frigate Glykera.

Thetis and Salamis focus on SC Cruiser Folgetochter, reducing the ship to 1 HP and damage Frigate Supay.

DF Frigate Lais is taken out by the Cruiser Squadron Feuerschlaf and the remaining Frigate Laina is damaged.

Laina immediately takes pursuit on SC Cruiser Folgetochter, gets behind it and finishes her off. Before the crewman find time to cheer, the DF is destroyed by the Frigate Squadron Scherenbieger, which manage to take out the DF Heavy Cruiser Thetis in the same turn.

Squadron Vaterfaus ploughs through a Dindrenzi minefield, without effect, and open fire upon the DF Battle Cruiser, resulting in 1HP damage on Urania and 2HP damage on Terpiskore.

SC Frigate Squad Seosahm damages Heavy Cruiser Salamis critically, resulting in - 2CP and increases the damage on Battlecruiser Urania.

At the end of the turn, Urania manages to repair the damage, but the Sorylian engineers fail to contain a plasma leak, resulting in 1 CP lost on the flagship.


Turn 4 (Initiative: DF)


At last, the DF’s Pretoria Battleship Kaliope arrives.

The CF Battlecruisers tke another HP from the SC Battleship, adding another Hazard Marker through their HE-Weapons. Unimpressed, the Kathedrale von Karos advances further, turns into the mines to clean some up and takes 1 HP off Salamis and Urania via broadside and torpedos.

The DF’s Battlecruiser are not very effective this turn.

The SC Frigates take out the last of the DF’s Heavy Cruiser Salamis and reduces the Battlecruiser Urania to 1 HP.

Kaliope launches SRS on Cruiser Herzschlächter, which remains unimpressed. Even the mighty railguns only manage to reduce Frigate Arden to 1HP. The gun racks finally manage to crit the Cruiser Dunkelsprecher and an enter maneuver crits the Wüstenland. The torpedos increase the damage on the SC Battleship.

SC Cruiser Weltenkrümmer starts within a minefield and is reduced to 1 HP. However, together with Lichtdieb and Quantenpuls the Battlecruiser Urania is rendered incapable of further combat.

Frigate Squadron Scherenbieger take one HP off the Kaliope, showing the Cruiser Squadron Feuerschlaf how it’s done.

The SC run out of luck as every ship with a Hazard Marker loses Crew.

Apart from that, things seem not so bad for the Sorylians.


Turn 5 (Initiative: DF)


Cruiser Squadron Vaterfaust loses Weltenkrümmer due to a mine and Quantenpuls is damaged. Terpsichore is then reduced to 5 HP by the unlucky SC Cruisers.

Battleship Kaliope damages Cruiser Lichtdieb critically and takes another HP off the SC Battleship.

Frigate Squad Seosahm batters Terpsichore from the rear, taking another HP off the Battlecruiser. Terpsichore suffers another critical hit as the SC Battleship opens fire with its broadsides - which also damage the Kaliope. The Scherenbieger Frigates as well as the Feuerschläfer Cruiser cannot damage the DF Battleship this turn.

This turn, all Hazard Markers are being repaired.


Turn 6 (Initiative: DF)


Kaliope takes another hit from the Kathedrale of Karos, which is entering a gas cloud for cover.

The DF Battleship reduces Cruisers Wüstenland and Quantenpuls to 1HP and those of the SC Battleship to 2.

Cruiser Lichtdieb is damaged by a mine, but manages to reduce Terpsichore to 1 HP, which makes it easy for the Cruisers of Feuerschlaf to turn it into rubble.

Frigate Squadron Scherenbieger takes another HP off the giant DF flagship.

Kathedrale von Karos is reduced to 3 CP due to a failure in repairing a Hazard Marker.


Turn 7 (Initiative: SC)


The two Battleships exchange broadsides, resulting in 5HPs remaining on Kaliope and no damage on the Sorylian ship.

The damaged Cruiser Dunkelsprecher is destroyed and Herzschlächter takes a critical hit from Kaliope. The Dindrenzi Battleship soaks up all further damage.  



Final Battle Log


Sorylians 13 - Dindrenzi 1

A Major Triumph for the Sorylian Collective.


Okay, basically I won because I rolled _very_ good at the beginning of the 2nd turn and all my fleet turned up instantaneously.

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Congratulations on the victory, Admiral, I'm glad to see Sorylians holding their own against the accursed Dindrenzi. Both fleets looked good, though.

Out of interest, why did you elect for outflanking entries on all the reserves, as opposed to shunting some in?

In any case, good write-up, thanks for posting.

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I just felt I would have more control this way. A few inches left or right would not matter much, that could be corrected while moving in. By shunting in however you may find yourself on the wrong side of that heavy hitter you were aiming for and I think orientation is very important.

Also I was not in the need to press a certain point, I just hat to take a beating and deal out damage, so that seemed the safer way.




The conservative way.

My grandpa did battle that way.

So did his grandpa.

And the elders.


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