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Delboy's Directorate vs Kraggi's Aquans

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You can find the full report on my blog here.


But lets just say that his Directorate are sneaky so and so's.


Some quick highlights.


Turn 1 - 

After careful positioning I got my Khitari so they could move into an objective Delboy had placed, so I deployed them on the table


After moving them I realised the error of my ways when the Wraith, let the Haunter lose, that in turn let the Grand Company lose, that basically meant I lost the building on turn 1... and gave him a Secondary Objective & points for my Khitari.


Firing too many shots from non Interceptor things into his Wraith before it had moved... why oh why would I do this to myself! Yet I still did! 


I also had one indestructible Marana, although due to it being my first time using them he really shouldnt have had to survive the destruction of his friends and then a **** ton of fire...


Turn 2 -

I killed his Wraith! It took far too much shooting to do it, but I managed it never the less (mainly cause my dice were bad)! 


I even got a Nabis Drone into his Primary objective... which forced him to turn round to deal with it! 


I also managed to knock my TV from 42 down to 11, which he was still sitting pretty on 24.


Turn 3 -

Well shoot, focusing on killing what I did meant he had no easy TV left to grab this turn, and that was going to be a problem.


Despite my best efforts I only managed to find 5 TV in the entire turn, which against the 35 Delboy got meant I lost.


Hopefully third time lucky! 

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