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Kurgan's Fleets

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Thanks guys! Will post more finished ships soon, they just need their glow effects done.


On 31. 7. 2016 at 3:13 PM, Commodore Jones said:

Try photographing your Aquans on a lighter/brighter colored surface, (white, grey, khaki, etc) and see how much of a difference it makes in the picture.

Will try. Most of my pictures on light surface ended badly so I wasn't even considering it. But yeah, Aquans are pretty dark and it might help.

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Finally last Directorate models finished

Champion cruisers



Ascendency cruisers



I have to admit I like the older Directorate style a lot more. These segmented fores are just wierd. Sadly I also don't like their rules, so they will mostly sit in a display cabinet.

At least I can say I have each ship entry at least once and painted! I have more Directorate ships like old Justice Heavy Cruisers and second Firewall Battle Station with Platforms, but I won't be painting them anytime soon as I don't need to. I started painting some terrain pieces again and I am currently working on three beacons I received together with a station and com ship when I ordered Taskforce.

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