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Kurgan's Fleets

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I love the reddish glow on your works raptor ships. Mind if I ask what technique you used?

It looks like you used a dark red ink over the gray base but it might also be an airbrush effect... Just curious what colors you used as I'm looking for similar effects of my own (Though I might go dark blue).

Either way - nice stuff.


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Finished Repair station few days ago and only today. Tried to go for a damaged and weathered look, but it didn't turned out the way I imagined. I guess I just don't have enough experience for that. Either way I won't repaint it as it is okay as it is.


A really easy way to add some dirty weathered spots/rust look is with Vallejo Smoke Paint........you just mix it with some glaze medium and then put a couple coats in a few places.....instant rust. 

I think the station looks just fine though. Just thought I'd throw this your way in case it's helpful. 

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Finished WR Nullifiers and Pacification fleet almost a week ago and wanted to take pictures on Tuesday...but work decided against it and I managed to take them yesterday when I took extra trip to my LGS.


WR Nullifiers

I painted only two as I don't plan playing WR above 1200 points as a single fleet and I have no use for 4 with Directorate...hopefuly I will manage to sell the other two...



My WR fleet so far. I have Oppressors and several SRS tokens ready for painting and 2 Tyrannies prepared for highlighting.



Pacification Fleet



Also as I had the time, I decided to take new pictures of my Aquans hoping to get the colors right. The new picture is better I believe...


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Thanks guys!



Absolutely love the Aquan color scheme. Mind if I ask what colors you used, might have to borrow your idea for mine.


Sure, I use Citadel colors. The main hull is GW black spray, then I airbrush all the upper parts with Xereus Purple and then airbrush only the most upper parts with Warlock Purple - for this I have the color really thinned down and do it carefully so it's not too bright. The gills are fully sprayed with Xereus Purple and then with Warlock Purple. This time I only use Warlock for the shading where some parts are just lightly touched (like the hull) and some are full Warlock Purple. It creates a bit of shading without the need to use another color. Engine crystals are also Warlock Purple and around them to create some glow, then just the crystals with Emperor's Children Pink and final touch with a brush with mixed pink and white for the tips. Then I spray Sotek Green over the weapon crystals and around them to create the glow. With brush I then pain the whole crystal with Temple Guard Blue. Then comes the mixing of blue and white and highlighting the edges. Not sure about the ratio as I am just adding until it's the right color. I think best described it's just a bit brighter blue and when you apply it you can see the difference after it dries. Then I take pure white and just a bit of blue, so it's not clear white and paint the edge of upper tip on the crystal. Last work is using black wash into the gaps on the purple parts to create more shading. Matte varnish and you are done. Changing the amount of purple on the model you can create darker or lighter model, depends on what you want to achieve. I used the same colors for Covenant ships in Halo and just used more of Warlock Purple to make them lighter. Looks great too.

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I have been pretty busy last month or so as I was finishing my Aquans and now Dindrenzi...both had to be done before a tournament. I got all Aquans done in time...Dindrenzi is done enough to be played with and still needs a lot of work, mostly washes and glow effects. Here are pictures of my two lists from this weekend's tournament



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Thanks. It's not hard process to get this color, but pretty long one. Here is step by step:

1) black undercoat

2) GW Leadbelcher cover whole model

3) GW Nuln oil or any other black wash to darken whole model significantly

4) highlight all edges with Leadbelcher

5) another highlight with GW Runefang Steel

6) mix Tamiya Clear Red with Smoke to get bloody color and cover the whole model

7) apply satin varnish - matt will completely ruin previous step

The red light effects are done before applying varnish.

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I have neglected this topic for a long time and it's time to change that. I haven't really completed since my last post and Dindrenzi still need those finishing touches...but I still painted something...Sorylian/Relthoza Taskforce is halfway done, OmniDyne Gunships are halfway done, Directorate Reinforcement box and WR Battlecruisers are prepared for painting and lots of models assembled and ready for priming (Kedorian fleet, OmniDyne Foundry, some Dindrenzi, beacons and stations plus some terrain). What's important for you is I actually finished three Ba'Kash Heavy Cruisers and today got some time to make their photos. Here they are, enjoy



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