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1250 RoF(L) vs KoD (A) - The Interception of Hjalmar Stark

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Also inclined to call it 'KoD - Pre-Modern Warfare'.



KoD Aerial Core with Prussian Allies (marked *P):

Commodore Hjalmar Stark (AKA 'The Wolf of Didim', minelayer extraordinaire on loan to the Turks to help seal up the Aegean Sea to Russian merchant shipping), running back from a close naval defeat.


130 - 1x Gewitterwolke - CO

130 - 1x Gewitterwolke

115 - 1x Landing Field *P - 2x Dive Bombers

200 - 2x Fafnir w/ Tesla Gens - 2x Dive Bombers

120 - 2x Geier

120 - 2x Geier

240 - 3x Pflicht *P

100 - 4x Jager

90 - 3x Speerwurf



2x Fighters

1x Dive Bombers

2x Line Infantry (generous house rule)


RoF Land Core:

Commodore Raphael De Sulat, on private business for a friend.


155 - 1x Danton + 45   - 1x Arbalete

155 - 1x Danton + 45   - 1x Grele

155 - 1x Danton + 45   - 1x Grele

195 - 3x Marteau ACA-8

135 - 3x Grele

120 - 3x Foucault R-6

125 - 5x Hotch FT-10

25 - 1x Small Bunker 

25 - 1x Small Bunker 

25 - 1x Small Bunker



2x Fighters

2x Line Infantry


Turn 1 Points:


KoD: 155pts

20pts - Card (can't remember which one but it didn't help)

135pts - Small Bunkers and all their infantry


RoF: 300pts

120pts - 2x Pflicht

100pts - 1x Fafnir

80pts - 1x Pflicht


Notes - All RoF casualties were a combination of direct and Corrosion Damage in the repair phase.


Turn 2 Points:


KoD: 45pts

45pts - 1x Grele


RoF: 630pts (and victory)

160pts - 2x Pflicht

100pts - 1x Fafnir

40pts - Card (the one that makes things go d3+1" faster)

120pts - 2x Geier

20pts - Card (the 2+ swift manoeuvre check)

130pts - Gewitterwolke

60pts - Card (Prepare my personal transport!)


Final Score:

KoD - 200

RoF - 930 (and thus 70%)


Thoughts and observations:

As the danish player, my first observation is Oooooofff. This was not the anticipated result. I will confess to rolling badly, and suffering good rolls at the hand of my opponent, but points-for-play I was also subject to a few delicate moments of terrifying imbalance.



  • The Dantons are cheap for their pair of defensive abilities (one gen, one MAR), horrendous array of persistent marker weapons, and crushing firepower in RB3.
  • This French list was probably, though not definitely, optimised to crush an aerial fleet.
  • The french in general are optimised to crush aerial fleets.
  • Those flak tanks are really bloody cheap given their output



  • Clearly as a naval team, the danes are painfully average at anything else. My commodore's doctrine (singular) was not applicable (no mines).
  • Rugged (1) + Obscured is significantly less effective than Retardant (2) + Cloud Gen.
  • Aerial core doesn't appear very competitive, though it's quite hard to tell with rubbish rolls and three Dantons on the table.
  • Retardant armour essentially negates Speerschleuder synergy. As one who considers the Speer/Tesla combo to be absolutely brutal it was nice to see it achieve nothing for a change, just a shame it was my combos that weren't doing anything... This is the only instance where I've seen speers/teslas have no effect, making the french uniquely able to counter the prussians. Same side in the big war though.
  • Flak tanks, man. So. much. volleygun.

So Hjalmar lives to stumble on home, the 'get me out of here!' card lost the battle slightly early (that was the last french activation of significance in the turn so I could have played on, but fluff wise I needed Hjalmar alive. Also I didn't want to be tabled in T3).


I don't know what people's thoughts on this are. Maybe I was a fool for having Aerial Core vs Land Core, though I rather hoped the game was better balanced than this, but I had nothing to properly counter the versatile and monstrous levels of shooty-shooty-goodness that the french landships are capable of. Too many targets and too few guns, didn't manage to get into bombing-run range either so that was a fair portion of my arsenal lost.


Questions, Comments and Advice all very welcome!

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Sounds like France optimized their anti air in this list. Did he ever fir his turrets or heat lances at air units in RB1?


I think it was one of his more competitive lists, yes. He didn't really need to fire Heat, Turret or Bombard that close because the way the game played out I was sort of kettled between a massive mountain and the flak tanks. 


I think that one of the problems was that to get to the band (RB1) where I'd raise the most hell, I had to wade through RB3 and RB2, where the french are pretty strong. Key mistake there was not runnning an advanced or flanking force which probably would have made my list a little more hard-hitting earlier on.


His heat lances rolled pretty well at long range, didn't help.

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Interesting pairing. For a text only AAR , it was a good read.


Thank you :D


This was a test run for the list, will be playing this Danish list against the Indian Raj on July 4th and doing a far more comprehensive battle report.

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My dice rolls were nasty turn 1.


Even with damage Lerrano's offensive dice in turn 2 were terrible. I dislike it when people blame dice, but on average the Danish larges had some shockingly (geddit) bad rolls.


Stark lives to fight another day.

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I would think it really hard to get a balanced outcome out of different cores (air v land).


Is the game versus the Raj using common core types?



Raj Land, probably this same Aerial list. If the same thing happens I can more or less assume aerial is best kept to non-core.


I imagine it'd be a pretty strong aerial vs aerial force, since almost all the blimps are air-hunter.


Hopefully the Raj won't be quite as brutal however, on account of not being french.

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