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Drone launcher and the Punisher drone...

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Howdy Ka,


The Stalker is attached to an armored unit within the Heavy helix. The drone is launched from the base unit during the game, and once launched, the drone forms part of the parent squadron. The done can Target Lock enemy squadrons using its designator, which gives the placed bonus to a main ordnance attack from the drones parent squadron against the locked target, even if they make a regular move. 


The Stalker can also be used as a kind of 'ablative' shield to absorb fire directed at the squadron it is attached to (by positioning it in-front of the parent unit), as well as having a decent CQB rating. The shielding trick is quite useful with the Avengers since they are made of tinfoil :P . Since the drone is a flyer it can be tricky to hit, and worse case even if it the last model left in the squadron you can flat out it off the board to deny your enemy TV. 


Hope this makes sense!

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The FAQ answers that, stating that you must choose to shoot either the aerial elements ( the drone) or the ground elements, with any excess hits not spilling over to the other. So if you choose to shoot the drone and score massively well, destroying it outright, no more excess hits will spill over on to the tanks. Likewise if you shoot the tanks and wipe them out, none of the excess hits spill over to the Drone.

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