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Sorylians - 1371st mudrunners

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Not my best. Many mistakes made. Took a week of work to get them back into presentable shape. But they will do.


The 1371st battlecore of the outer sphere of kerender. Suffering the brunt of the attacks of the initial relthoza invasion they continue to defend a series of agricultural worlds vital for the colonisation and expansion of kerender. They are long way from reinforcements and still waiting for the rest of the sorylian warmachine to regear itself. Heavy casualties have been suffered resulting in odd configurations and heavy reliance on veydreth mercenaries for both planetfall and armada support. Redubbed 'The Mudrunners' due to the lack of time or maintenance needed to care for their gear they specialise in overwatch fire patterns. They are determined not to let any planet succumb to the spiders or the dindrenzi. 












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Through a comedy of errors :).

Note that this was not even remotely what they were supposed to look like. But a rough guide to get the same look would be:

Yellow basecoat (I used army painter daemonic yellow)

Army painter strong tone dip and flick. (Better results would have been to spray gloss varnish then use red wash)

Brown ink (looks red) on guns and engines

Bright gold on flanges and center runs as you see fit

Power cores were black, then red, then metallic purple so that you can just see the red ring around the purple. For the smaller models and infantry just use the metallic purple.

Muddy look was a mixture of browns and brown ink drybrushed with a large flat brush across the feet of the walkers and the front of the hover bikes.

Infantry skin was pp coal black.


Bases were sprayed brown then washed with brown ink to get the red colour. Patterns were created with patches of green and dark wash. Dry brush daemonic yellow.


Something to note is that I had problems with the yellow spray coat chipping off. Never had this problem with other army painter sprays. Maybe the models needed to be cleaned?


If you want to know how I actually painted them let me know, should be good for a laugh :) .

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The mudrunners get a brand new ground command skiff.

Im afraid I had to do a corruptd and change colour scheme. The yellow was killing me.
Not really sure I liked the shield but thats what experimentation is for. The effect does kind of suit the skiff role in the army I play (shields for everyone!).
EDIT - redid photos after a good solid coat of matt enamel. Much better






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I've always had issues with the yellow primer chipping off as well. Never had an issue with any of the others. I always wash my models, I think it is that specific recipe of paint.

The yellow looks great on those models, even if it was a bear to paint.

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Cas, if you want to change the colour scheme I recommend a desert tone, maybe with details and/or stripes in green or dark brown. This will make easier to re-paint your Sorylians.


And when talking about yellow chipping out of models, I think Pok mentioned something about it, recommending the use of foundation colours, but I can't remember the post


btw,, very nice glow effect for the engines of the Jol'tak

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Oh they arent getting repainted.

These are the reinforcements from a different battalion. The new ones will have the new scheme.

It wont look too bad since the veydreth (coming) will have their own scheme also.

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Well the veydreth were in limbo for a while. It took some time to figure out and purchase the appropriate purple paints for the OSL scheme I wanted. I didnt want to mix my own since I have a rather large number of models to do. However now I have them and the first squad is done.

Theme: Hovering power cores with guns.






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