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STL Trader Proxy Fleet (work in progress)

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Nice work on both the station and ship conversions.  I had been wracking my brain trying to figure out a use for the 3 Pilum defense platforms that came with the Bastion station that I used for a shipyard conversion.  You've given me some ideas, though who knows how it'll eventually turn out.

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Okay I am call this project complete.   Here are some pictures of my Trader fleet.  I am going to add a few more cruisers for carrier accompaniment.   Thank you all for the compliments and encouragement.   It was a long haul but it feels good seeing it all done.  Now to get it blown away on the battlefield.


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Okay we can tentatively schedule a game this Sunday at games and stuff.   Remember I haven't played in a while so I am thinking 800 or 1000 pts.   As for the scenario, let's keep it on the less complicated side for this one.    


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I suppose I'll have to write it... here's the start.

Players: Ryjak / Madmac
Points Value: 1000
Scenario: 1 - Border Clash
Factions & Allies: Dindrenzi/Traders
Battle Log Scores: 2/5

@Madmac I checked these scores three times based on what I remember.  Battlelog always gets messed up.  I must have given myself -4 & -2 when I lost the Battlecruisers.  We each spent 1 Battlelog during the game.

I posted a brief write-up with a dozen photos to my blog:


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