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STL Trader Proxy Fleet (work in progress)

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Thank you for the compliment.   I absolutely love your painting style BluFlcn, all the glows and light sources are great.   I will be attempting some of that on these models.

As for the Dendrenzi defense platforms I got the first five from friends getting out of the game.  These gave me the idea for the first squadron of Opportunity cruisers I made.  Then I noticed I had 5 old Terran cruiser engines sitting around and that the defense platforms would make great front ends.  I decided to wait for a sale on Spartans website, (to make shipping from UK to US worth it) while I was buying other boxes I ordered 5 individual models of defense platform from their site.    Sorry, didn't mean for that to turn into a long story.

Starting to get some paint on the Prospectors as well.  Hopefully will have a full fleet picture soon.  



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Since I don't use the most OP unit in FSA (Aquan Cruisers), and I don't have much play experience with my Aquans, it should be ok.  Would you rather face my Dindrenzi?

My Mercs are still in boxes, not even primed, so they aren't an option (yet).

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Ryjak, Aquans are fine.   Sounds like fun.


So I am ditching the extending docking corridors.  What I am going to do is make gantry like areas from the legs of the old valhalla station.    

So here is the battle station together, and the side engines are in place (not glued yet so one is a bit misaligned) .   So the plan is to cut down the legs, and mount them horizontally.  I am going to cut down the rectangle that the gantry is laying on so it will be flush. There will be PD turrets on the top side of gantry piece and docking tubes on the bottom.    So I can now move on to figuring out cut outs on the side (besides engines), then the top and bottom.


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Not much work was done today.    I am currently working on the design on the top of the station.   

I think I might do sort of a step pyramid on the top of the station.  With 3 or 4 steps with turrets on each of the steps.  

Here is a picture of me playing with turret positions.



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Ryjak:  I agree.  It is too cluttered that way.  I think I have come up with a design that will work well. (funny enough in a dream)   

BrdingPrty:  Thank you.    The prospector engines are plastic tubes that syringes go into.  I just cut them down to fit. (I liked them because they had a narrowing end like an engine)   But if I had to recreate them it would be easy.  I would use 7/16" (11.1mm) styrene tubing for the main part, then step down one size to 3/8" (9.5mm) tubing.

I uploaded a picture to help illustrate; the lower tube is the syringe case and the upper one is the styrene modeling tube.  the red lines are just where I would cut.   You don't get the angled edge on the modeling tube but you could get almost the same effect by carefully angling the end of the tube.


The turrets I have been using come from Shapeways.  

The double turrets: Double turrets

And triple turrets: Triple Turrets

Point defense turrets:  Point defense

I would suggest waiting for a shapeways sale, these parts can be expensive.   And if you have a choice always get it print in high detail smooth acrylic.   If it says it has a rough texture it will be a pain to paint. 

Hope I have answered your questions adequately, if you have any more feel free to ask away.

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Ryjak: the render of the reformer battle station has 3 tiers of turrets for each arc, (each having double barrels) on the top and bottom.  For a total of 24 turrets.   I am only putting 8 on top and 8 on the bottom.   I think because these are actual turrets and the renders turrets are semi recessed it looks a bit busy.   I also think it's the close up images that confer a false sense of clutter also.   I tried it with only 4 turrets on top and I couldn't make it look right.  It just didn't convey the battle station vibe to me.   Trust me once this is painted up it's going to look fine.  

Project update: all ships are painted to the same level (just need some osl lighting).  The battle station got most of the superstructure built on the top and bottom areas.   Working on small fiddly bits such as antenna clusters, small buildings, windows, vents etc.. then I will declare the top and bottom done and move onto the docking areas and mid sections.    No picture tonight phone died.   

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Where is there a render of the Reformer Battlestation?  This looks like the Supermax renders to me:


Oh... it's also called the Reformer Dreadnought. Those turrets are way smaller than what you have, so the comparison is moot.  It's your model; ultimately YOU need to like it, and hopefully love it.  I think it's pretty awesome, and I'm looking forward to blowing it up after it's painted to your high quality.


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Nuck Fewton:  No its not bad to wish there were other fleets without kits, I wish this myself.    Thanks for the compliment


I have not gotten to work on the station as much as I have wanted to.   Here is a picture of the top getting its details.  I am still not sure about the turrets on top so I am waiting till last to see if I want more turrets or not.


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