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STL Trader Proxy Fleet (work in progress)

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These look great Madmac. I think your cruiser is going to look spot on when it’s done. Clearly you’re just getting rolling on the station but I like where it’s headed right now. I think the central support column could use some love though. It calls to mind the space docks of Star Trek, but much more in need of maintenance. If you could vary the circumference of that column by adding more plating or habitation rings I think it will look more like an amalgamation. You could also look at mounting the bits you cut of the station to make the cruiser to the column. Lastly, where did those resin (?) bits on top come from? They fit really well.

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So I scrapped the previous design I had for the reformer battlestation.  I wanted something a bit more robust looking.  

I am extremely happy with my results.   Here are a few pictures of the early phases of the build.   The following is a picture of the central core of the battlestation with the lower cargo doors and PD turrets.   


This next picture shows how the side panels attach.   


The top cap has four extending docking arms.  


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Thank you on your compliments, I agree with you on the mark 2 opportunity cruiser.   I designed both to very modular, but the mark one program ships had to be designed from older Terran military hardware, So that decision limited the hulls that were available during construction that could be safely be precured through special channels.


i have finished airbrushing the center of the battle station .   Next is weathering,. Then glows of the reactors in the central coloumn.    After that I can glue the main four panels to the bottom and top plate.   After that propulsion units will be added, then small forts in the middle of the side panels.     The main banks of Triple cannon turrets go on the bottom and top of station.   I will post a picture soon.

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So waiting for the paint on the battle station to dry (inside portion, reactor core etc..)    

So looking at the first mock up with the side panels on I am not totally sold on the extending docking arms.   The plan currently is to finish the ends with four small claw like pieces so it looks like magnetic clamps.    I was going to have 2 extended and 2 retracted.   I am unsure of the looks of the arms now.  

Like the old render of the Reformer station, the top and bottom of the station will have tiered banks of turrets. Each turret will be triple barreled.   The side panels will have small city or bunker like structures with PD turrets all over them.   The Reformer station in the old render had engines on it, so I am going to try and replicate that as well.  

Pictures of the first mock up follow:  (all the edges were straightened and sanded after the muck up was done)


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Thank you for the compliment.  I saw your fleet and thought it looked awesome!  I almost went with third party or 3d printed ships but I had a bunch of parts sitting around so decided to try and see what I could do.   

The station is coming along slowly.  I finally got it painted in the interior so I can put the core and sides together.   Now I have to finalize what I am going to do for the outside areas.    Still not sold on the looks of the extending docking corridors.   I am currently working on the designs for the outside so more pictures should be coming soon.

Its feels good getting back to FSA, it has been a long time. 

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Ryjak:  Now that I am completely retired and no more traveling yes I will definitely make it down to Games 'n Stuff.   You have to realize I am extremely rusty as far as rules go.  Looks I decided to come back at a sort of weird time in the game.   Oh well, I love spaceships. 


Here is a picture of the battle station core in the final process of painting.


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Gasological: that is awesome, I would hate to see FSA die.   I may not have been playing for a year and half but I did my part buying models.   Now I have to get back to painting and playing.   I will be stopping by this next Sunday to dust off my FSA fleets.     

Edit:  never mind about this Sunday apparently there is a tourney being played.  Might be hard to find room


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