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Removal of Infantry on Storming CQB

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This hasn't come up in my games yet, but with the advent of Sweeper, Gun team, and officer upgrades for infantry, I thought it best to ask now.

If a mixed unit of infantry initiated a storming CQB and takes casualties from the defender's CQB, who determines which attacker stands are pulled? The normal rules say pull closest to furthest, but if multiple stands are in base to base with the building, there is no "closest".

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Don't know if this might help as it relates to infantry already in the building but seems like it would though.


Per Dellboy:  "In cases where no Target Priority Chain can be determined (such as Infantry in buildings for example), the owning player must allocate the chain using the highest DR first, then working down."


Original thread:  http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/topic/12411-infantry-in-buildings-questions/?hl=infantry

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The way we handle it is when multiple models are the same distance, the owner declares, pre-combat, which order they would be removed in.  It seems to fit with the normal rules about mutual agreements.


Basically, it's allowing the controlling player to say "well, these guys go in first and take the most casulties..."


Plus it does lead to interesting tactical choices.  "Do I lead with the gun teams, since they're contributing less CQB to this fight; or do I lead with Sweepers to keep my AD high after I get bunkered down in the building?  I could keep both safe, but that would mean my officer would die first, which could be OK if I still roll good on the disorder check...."

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I thought I'd read something like that post from Delboy, but couldn't remember where I'd seen it. The bit about having to allocate to the highest DR first means that we cannot us our regular infantry as cannon fodder to shield the upgraded bases, at least for my Aquans.

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Not sure.  I guess it could be agreed that the attackers are not inside when the defenders fire first (or same time in case when Dindrenzi inf are attacking) and that you and your opponent would work out a Target Priority like other attacks.  


Dellboy's comment seems to be more where it'd be a royal pain to tinker with, say, a grand company with scads of specialty teams or something stuck in a building?  

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