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Petition to give Nabis Drones Terror weapons in CQB

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My fellow Eldar Tau Seamen Fish Enthusiasts,


As I'm sure many of you are aware, especially those who read my Aquan Tactica, my opinion of our Turkey Allies is rather low. The Nabis Drone started this war a feared tool in the fight against the corporate monkeys, but let's face it, it has been overshadowned by....well.... everything. Dropped into dangerous locations, when caught in the open (which they will always be since they need a second turn on the board to occupy cover) they have a habit of handing easy victory points to the enemy.

I don't mind too much, they are after all meant as a Mobil objective holder. Not the elite of the Nyx. But still, they could be better.... or to put it bluntly, they could be worth taking. 

Now, I'm not saying they should be Nyx, nor should they be Sorylian killer dinosaurs of doom. But looking at the models and the fluff, they should have flame throwers. And in ever case we see flame throwers, they cause terror.

Therefore i put it to the creators, in all their glory, that Nabis infantry should cause terror in CQB. 

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I don't think this would be a big game changer, but I do think it would make them that bit more competitive in the current landscape. Right now these guys have very little value in a situation where they are not sitting on an objective holding on for dear life, and this might make them a bit more useful in targeted strikes. 

I've actually bought a Sorylian Recon as I just have such little faith in Aquan options at the moment. I might regret this when our Arial helix is revealed, but still.

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Interesting... I think that would give them some much needed use, yes. (I've lost a bit of confidence in them lately).

Rewriting the Portal rules to follow the normal Disembark rules wouldn't be amiss, either, but a bitter chance of doing secondary damage sounds really interesting.

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interresting Option!


- at the Moment, I still take them in every game I play, but my recon Helix was delayed, and is now at home, while I am in Holidays, painting other models.;-(

so I will Need some games with the aquan recon Helix before I have a real opinion,


with just seing the stats, and the new models, I believe I will take the aquan recon Helix and Focus on the Center objectives, where I can use my other Forces better to assist, and also defend my tertiary objective, then dropping 2 sets of drones on the Primary, this should change the games, and the drones, would Need some benefit to get back into the lists,

flame throwers with Terror in CQB might do the trick!

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