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I've been looking around and can't seem to find anything that would make for decent terrain ie forrests and city scapes, roads or rivers. The Flames of War stuff looks pretty decent but before I commit to buying them I was wonder if anyone could let me know what they use or point me in the direction of a cheaper alternative. Thanks

How much terrain do other people use? Weve played one game and just used the buildings that come out of the spartan building box but that doesn't seem enough to me :-/ any input would be appreciated :-) thanks again

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The maker of the other 10 mm SciFi wargame (with a name involving drops and zones) has a fairly decent City Scape set in cardboard, it's seen a lot of use by us, at least.

Then there is a number of 10mm MDF manufacturers, both in EU and US (sturdier than cardboard, but requires a bit more work), a few has roads in MDF as well.


For forests I've foudn some decent small-scale hobby trees, modelling train stores aren't a bad place to look.


Rivers... No idea, I haven't come as far yet.

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As mentioned bt ahmadan there are a good few MDF manufacturers here in the UK. Blotz and 4Ground are good if you don't mind that art deco style.


The following Ebay stores also have some really good and cheap N gauge modern buildings.


http://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/plazajapan (some very good industrial and urban stuff).


http://stores.ebay.co.uk/ethersell88/ (this one has particularly cheap trees which are pretty good).


Both of the above are based in the Far East (Japan and China respectively), so delivery can take a while but prices are very reasonable.  


Hope this helps.

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This is the demo table Cyb3rw0lf and I just took to Momocon. It's all foam, baking soda, coffee grounds, white glue, some paint, and N-scale trees.

I had the base board from a tourney I won a LONG time ago in another game, but insulation foam can replicate that with minimal effort.


That is a frigging awesome idea and a hell of a lot cheaper. I do say sir, genius absolute genius, thankyou very much :-D

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Have to admit most of the terrain we use is either he buildings Spartan Supply or some GW hills.


Our group hasnt ventured into looking at roads / forests yet, but its on my list.


Along with the zone of drops city scape, while the full set puts too much on the table (I think), it does at least make it easier to visualise the LoS blocking quality of the terrain :-)

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I decided to do it myself half a year ago, the City is finished by now.




Buildings are all Lasercut MDF, Road tiles have two layers, and the river is essentially a road, tile painted blue and added GW Water effect.


Parks and Green areas, aer under construction, 

for Trees I will use one of the chinese Ebay sellers.

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as a bit of a terrain junky I have a large selection


for generic stuff (woods hills and rivers) I use firms like S&A Scenic  or Battlefront


roads I either S&A Scenics Wide roads or Angel Barracks


woods- I use a template and drop on a few small trees


buildings I tend to stick to the Spartan ones or the 4Ground ones that others mention


I have got some of the Angel barracks buildings but they are 6mm and look a bit small


hope this helps

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Damn you rocky7! I am now £190 worse off! Finally I can have the desert board I always wanted... and get some use out of that corrugated card shanty town I built years ago!!! 

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