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Dusting off the old figures, Part 2 - Prussia

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hi all


now I've got my KoB to a state where I can play some games I think its time to revisit my Prussians and get them sorted out.


luckily I did a few more units of Prussians when V1 came out and this is what i currently have (the the bottom shelf as the top one is my DW armies, which I do need to finish at some time)




so first job is to get both squads upto 10 men and add in a command section


once thats done I can add a Knights squad and some infantry support


but before I do that I have to remember how to paint Prussians  ;)

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as promised here's another picture of the army




I've added another squad of infantry and added some officers, including the Teutonic Knight officer


next job is to do the infantry upgrade pack and a Luftlancer Section, but first I have to finish my Planetfall army and my Dystopian Wars Prussians

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