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KoB vs CoA, 1500 points naval.

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 My first proper game of DW since arriving in France. 


My opponent is thinking of  getting a Covenant Force, so  they used my French as proxies to try them out.



Avenger  Fleet carrier ( commodore)

 Ruler Battleship with Guardian Generator

Illustrious sky fortress.


1 Hood Class  Battle cruiser

1 Hood Class  Battle cruiser ( 1 in advance deployment)

2 Vanguard Submarines ( Advance deployment)

3 Tribal Cruisers


5 Swift Corvettes

4 Attacker Frigates

3 Attackers with attached Dominion class support cruiser



Diophansus Carrier ( Commodore)

Aristotle Battleship  with Target painter

Epicurus Sky Fortress


3 Cleomedes cruisers

3 Plato light cruisers

1 Hippassus Battle cruiser

1 Zeno Heavy cruiser


5 Thales corvettes

5 Thales corvettes

4 Diogenes Frigates


 We ended up with 4 pieces of terrain, but agreed to amalgamate two into one large island with civilian port facilities.  We end up with ( from Kob Side)  a roughly 10" wide channel on the left with the large island dividing it from the main part of the board,  an island in the centre on the covenant side, and an island on the KoB side at the right.


 Deployment (from KOB side, left to right)

  Hood in the left hand channel,  Attackers behind the island,  Ruler, Attacker and Dominion Squad, Vanguards submerged in advanced Tribals,  Avenger,   Illusturious on the right hand island, Hood in advance using island as cover.



Covernant: (from KOB side, left to right)

Platos facing Hood in the channel, Epicurus, Diogenes, Zeno, Cleomedes, Diophansus,  both Thales and Hippassus behind the island, Aristotle at the end.

I will try and edit photos in later....


Both sides pull Random TACs and Fleet orders.


Turn 1. Covenant win  first activation 12:11


The  Covenant start activating their drone squadrons, whilst the British do the same with their conventional SAS. The Covenant mainly have Torp and dive bombers up, the British have  fighters and dive bombers.


The British are the first to advance a 'real' unit, but a shielded, obscured sky fortress is probably safe from long range potshots. The Covernant  do the same, and both fail to hit anything.

The Ruler advances, to move the guardian Generator coverage forward for when the fleet advanges. It too does nothing more than scratch paint.

On the left, the Platos advance,  but run into a strong current and fail to make it into range of the Hood ( the table was about 50 1/2 " wide, so the visual estimation of range based on a 48" table proved  unhelpful!)

The Hood sees a chance to strike, and does so, devastatingly.  With one turret per cruiser, it manages a damage,  a miss and a 1/2 AD crit

 The Zeno advances as a waiting move, and  has no useful targets. The Avenger advances, and sees  it's fore torpedoes bounce off the CC and shields of the Zeno.


The Diophansus advances, wave lurking, and  gives the Vanguards  it's full attention.  One suffers a damage from the torpedoes, and a nav lock from the particle accelerator.


The Tribals see this has broght a target within effective range, and go for it. Their turrets fail to do anything due to wavelurking and shields, but their torpedoes are not troubled by this, and cause a critical hit 1/2 move


The Covernat cruisers  go to finish off the vanguard, but their turrets are defeated by the submerged target. Their torpedoes targeting the healthy vanguard  bounce off an impress display of CC.


The Vanguards, feeling they should activate whilst they still can, do so. The nav locked one is pointing straight at the Diophansus, so their target is easy.  Again, torpedoes are not bothered by wave lurking, and  they score an incredible 16 hits, which costs the carrier 2 HPs and 2 AP


The Covenant Battle cruiser advances .  Their torpedos and turrets fail to hurt the vanguards.


On the Right, the Swifts advance in loose formation. This proves to be a mistake, as the Covernat battleship unleashes sinks two with a PA, and two fore turrets account for another each. The survivor is shocked, but bolstered by the presence of their commodore, holds their nerve.


The Hood on the Right sees a chance for revenge. It closes,  knocks 2 drones out with AA, and  again proves devastating, inflicting a Nav lock on the Battleship.


The nearer unit of Covenant corvettes close on the Hood, and inflict a point of damage.

Attacker frigates advance, but have no targets in range yet.

The Diogenes frigates swing out from cover of the island, and their torpedoes fail to damage the vanguards.

The Attacker and Dominion target the zeno, but miss.


Repairs: The Plato cannot repair its guns, but Diophansus and Aristotle fix their damage. The KoBs experienced engineers  fix the  Vanguards nav lock.


VPs: CoA 80, KoB 0


Turn 2


The Kob Play radio Intercept, whilst the Covenant play Battlefield repairs on the Diophansus. Both prove wise!

The Kob win first activation, thanks to the TAC.

The Vanguards activate, and the Covenant wisely cancel a Stoke the Engines that would have taken them within boarding range of the Commodore.  Instead, they advance at minimum speed, and torpedo the target instead. The cause a point of damage, and the piercing torps inflict yet more damage on the engines.

The nearest unit of Thales corvettes attempt to board the Hood.  AA and the defenders kill all 10 assaulters, but are wiped out in the process. The Sabotage result  hits the empty marine barracks!


KoB fighters  splash three dive bombers, for one loss. CoA fighters intercept  their counterparts, and do no damage.


Avenger creeps forward, fore torps Zeno for a damage ( piercing , nav lock) Side toprs and guns sink a corvette and damage another.

CoA torp drones attack and sink the damaged vanguard


The Hood which survived the boarding attempt  sinks two of the corvettes that tried to board it , and damages a third  with a series of collisions. It uses its Hit and Run to  cross the T of the Navlocked Aristotle at RB2, again giving it all three turrets, resulting in a 1/2 move crit. Redoubtable gunnery is useful! it then passes  out of the  very fixed fore channel of the now helpless battleship.


The Platos,  trying to cripple the other Hood strike. They can manage 12AD at RB2, and the crit takes the Hoods Shields offline. The Hood closes to point blank range, and inflicts a damage on the Plato with crippled gunnery,  inflicts a damage and a crit on  second, and boards the third. The Crit  teleports the unfortunate cruiser into the middle of the civilian port, half on the wharf, half on an Olympic class....

The boarders lose two of their number, but leave the Plato derelict.


The second unit of Thales easily prize the Hood on the right with no crew.


The Ruler Advances, Torpedoes the Aristotle for no effect, and gives the Zeno 2 turrets twice, scraping two crits out of it( not recorded, therefore not important!).


The Diophansus surfaces to launch  4 and 4 dive bombers, torpedoes the vanguard,  ( generators offline)

The PA misses the submarine due to height levels, and causes a damage on the Ruler and two attackers. The broardsides bounce off the Avengers shields, and it uses a TAC to submerge again!


The Dominion and Attacker group advance, and fail to target paint the  Diophansus. The  torpedoes then  proceed to  manage 19 hits on it anyway, CC'd  and shielded down to damage. Thanks to piercing, yet another nav lock or 1/2 move on it.

The Guns, despite the wave lurker, manage to scrape a damage, against which shields do nothing.


The Hippassus advances to shield the commodore. Torps fail to hurt the remaining damaged Vanguard, broardsides sink a frigate, and a turret causes chaos and dissarry on a Tribal. For a yet to activate vessel with torps and AP, this is a problem...


The other attackers manage a perfect RB2 strike on the CoA Cruisers in the centre. 12 torp hits bounce off their CC,  but again wave lurker proves no protection against British gunnery, and they land a crit- shredded defences.


The Cruisers activate to cover the commodore. By now it is obvious the British are going for them.

CC fails to hurt the Vanguard, torpedoes  cause a point of damage on the Avenger. The Turrets cause massive damage to the Dominion, costing it 4 HPs, 1AP and a 1/2 AD. Two full broardsides have no effect, but the 3AD one from the damaged cruiser sinks a frigate.


The Illustrious shows off it's new found manoeuvrability, and drops mines where corvettes will want to be soon. The Turrets fail to do anything, and 5 AP are dispatched to retake the Hood. 2 are lost, but a salvage crew of 3 make it.


SAS time: Torp drones finish off the crippled Dominion. The commodre re-roll prevents the squadron becoming disordered.

KoB fighter thin out a threatening dive bomber wing.  Dive bomber drones head towards the healthy Hood, as the remaining plato is now outclassed.A KoB fighter wing splashes two of these, leaving a squadron of 3 DBs, so a second unit are dispatched to make sure of the Hood.

KoB Dive bombers move up


Covenant friagtes emerge from cover, thier CC fails to hurt the vanguard. Their torpedoes and guns sink 2 attackers, and damage another 2.


The Tribals advance towards the diophansus. The torps cause a damage ( 1/2 move)


The crippled Aristotle cannot turn to bring the fore weapons to bear or close enough to give the turrets some teeth. The turrets bounce off the Illustrious.


The Epicurus launches Fighter drones, and manages to miss everything with all guns.



Repairs. The Hood repairs the Shield generator, but the tribal cannot  end the chaos and disarray.

The Aristotle fixes the nav lock, but  not the half move. The plato fixes the 1/2 AD, the cleomedes cannot fix the shredded defences.

The Covernat commodore has managed to accumulate 2 1/2 ADs and 2 1/2 moves. It fixes one of each, even with a re-roll.


VPs: CoA 450, KoB 360



Turn 3. The British win first turn on a re-roll. The Vanguard, having survived a totally unreasonable number of attacks,  is after vengeance! It surfaces, and declares a ram against a cruiser. On the way there, it manages....

 Sinks a frigate

Crits a crusier for 1/2 AD

Crits it's target for 3HPs and 2 AP lost

and messes up the positioning of the covenant cruisers.


It wisely stops before hitting the diopahnsus,and instead boards it,  causing  5 casualties aboard the flagship.


Two of the covenant cruisers can move off without problems to close in on the Tribals,  but the third is forced to collide with the Vanguard. The battered submarine takes a hard pounding, but causes a 1/2 AD on the cruiser.


Their torpedoes and turrets sink the damaged Tribal.  They then board the other two Tribals, one is stripped of defenders, and the other has it's engine room sabotaged, at the cost of leaving all the cleomedes with no defenders at all.


The surviving tribals activate, ram the Offending cruisers in front of them which importantly clears line of sight, and manage to crit the diophansus.


The covernant frigates manage to knock the Rules shields offline, sink a frigate, damage a tribal, and then board the tribals for a sabotage( shredded defences) and prize the other one. Ouch!


Now prizing it seems unlikely, the KoB send in Dive bombers to finish off the Diophansus. It goes down, and an Agent onbaord has sabotaged the Commodores personal escape craft (  Personal transport and espionage TACs)  due to the destruction of the craft, the agents actions go unrecorded by  CoA command. The more battered unit of corvettes become disordered, but the rest of the fleet holds it's nerve. the KoB now have 680 VPs


The Epicurus turns out to be a much better drone controller. Two dive bombers survive the Hoods AA, and they inflict 17 hits on the Battle cruiser. One of them finds the main magazine, and both the hood and nearby Plato are totally destroyed by the resulting explosion.


The Ruler adavnces crushing one frigate, but somehow another escapes unharmed. A broadside sinks a frigate. Turret 1 damages and sinks a Cruiser, the other three cause two crits on a second, also sinking it. It all goes wrong when  it dispatches 5 marines to retake the Tribal. 2 AA shoots down 4, and the prize crew fight off the one remaining, leaving it still prized.


The Cleomedes, being fully functional sees an opportunity. It AA's two dive bombers, sinks the vanguard with a broardside,  sinks a tribal with torps and turrets, and  narrowly manages to prize the Ruler, with 1 Marine.


The two surviving attackers  sink  a frigate, and try and retake the Ruler.  In the chaos of the ship, somehow neither attackers or defenders manage to inflict any casulties.


The Epicurus sinks a frigate, for want of a better target.


Dive bombers inflict a 1/2 AD on the Aristotle.

2 dive bombers sink the last Attacker. At this point I expect the CoA player to announce victory, since there are no British Mediums or smalls left, and they are well over 70%, but no...


5 Fighters attack the Epicurus. They knock out the shield generator for one loss.


The Illustrious  Area bombards some corvettes, causing the survivors to become disordered. The Turrets inflict a damage on the Aristotle.


The Aristostle has no effective weapons left, but charges straight for the the Illustrious.  The two sets of elite crew battle it out, and at the end one KoB defender remains.


The Avenger retakes the Tribal, as it cannot reach the ruler, and sinks the Aristotle with a Broadside.


Covenant corvettes activate. One collides with the drifting hood and sinks, another triggers a mine.


At the end of the turn, Disorder  in the corvette squadrons  means damage control  fails to stop their leaks, and they are wiped out.



KoB. The Illustrious and Avenger, with minimal damage. Salavaged Hood and Tribal,

The Epicurus with slight damage, a cripped and undefended cruiser, and an undefended battle cruiser about to be run down by the Avenger.



The captain of the Hipassus orders an emergency teleport. Although  not normally used, given the almost certain collision with the massive British carrier makes it the safer option. With a blinding flash, the battle cruiser disappears from sight. It soon becomes apparent why this is not used, as an interaction with their shield generator harmonics triggers huge electrical fires on every ship left afloat ( all 7 have shields!). The Epicurus with drone stocks running low and battling fires withdraws ,as it can support little more than a defensive fighter screen, and is facing two functioning carriers. The British carriers soon bring these fires under control, but the crippled covenant cruiser is almost overwhelmed by them, and signals it's immediate surrender and requests assistance.  Aboard the prized battleship, the occupiers release the crew to help fight the fires. Seeing the situation, they choose to surrender without further fighting.


The British commodore orders a  unit of fighters to see the Sky fortress is withdrawing, and requests immediate assistance from the civilian port in rescue and repair work.  Heavy lift barges are the immediate priority, as the submarines HMS Vandel and Visigoth report they have 6 and 8 hours air remaining  respectively.




Covernant players thoughts:

I got distracted from the mission. I should have been able to take the Avenger, but I allowed the Hood to tempt me to waste the corvettes.


The British have lots of piercing weapons. All those crit effects really caused problems. In particular, the Aristotle was crippled by them-  movement crits prevented it from swinging in as planned.


 The Hippassus and Thales combination is very powerful, unless you get the deployment wrong. I placed the Hippassus so the Thales would have to activate first, so not allowing it to put the teleport portals down. The Battle cruiser was still very useful though.


The Diophansus is a huge target already. By putting the commodore on it, I made it an even bigger target. An E-turreted Epicurus  staying a bit further back would have been a better commodore.


Some E turrets for long range firepower would have helped no end.



That was far too close! I was very lucky, but even so, an over aggressive approach led to excessive casualties. In particular, with so many SAWs, I should have had a few CAPs up- the Hood on the side away from the carriers obviously should have had one.

I wasted the Swifts- all they achieved was drawing the fire of the Aristotle for one turn. Some escorts and another vanguard would have been much more use!


The Vanguards absorbed an incredible amount of firepower, most of it perfect anti submarine weapons.  They really do well in advanced deployment, as they avoid blocking LoS for the rest of the fleet, and can be too dangerous to ignore.


The Hoods  performed very well. One crippled the Aristotle, and took two packs of corvettes to prize it. The other showed that battle cruiser  are built to hunt cruisers.


Wave lurker is a huge problem, unless you have sufficient torpedoes.


The Illustrious was too far over, and so had little impact, beyond recovering the Hood.  It should have been more central, so spreading my carrier support out.


If your opponent keeps rolling crit effects that don't effect the ship, it helps no end!

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End of turn one - The Vanguards are not Capital so do not have the Experienced Engineer MAR.  Your wording leaves it open on if that was what effected the repair.


Middle of turn two - A squad of the Attackers with Attached Dominion do not contain any ships that have the Piercing munitions type on torpedoes.  How did they use it when attacking the Diophansus?


Turn Two - Tribals also do not have Pieircing.  When they damaged the diophansus was that a piercing or regular crit?  The write up just says damage.



I enjoyed the writeup.  Makes me wish that the CoA players in our were not cursed.  We get someone to actually play the faction and then life/work tends to prevent them ever being able to get a game in.

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Rufus- your battle reports are not bad either, and there are more of them!


Veldarin- It is not unknown to the designers and beta team to be testing potential tweaks to units. Or I may have simply made a mistake reading stats fast!  I'd have to dig out my paper notes from the recycling bin to check which version  of the Orbat I was using, and then check the stats for those squadrons carefully to see which is the case here, as I'm honestly not sure. :blink: :blink:

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The Tribals see this has broght a target within effective range, and go for it. Their turrets fail to do anything due to wavelurking and shields, but their torpedoes are not troubled by this, and cause a critical hit 1/2 move


Wave lurker is a huge problem, unless you have sufficient torpedoes.


I do not see any reference in the rulebook which leads to the conclusion that torpedoes have any advantage against wave lurking models. Can you explain this a bit more please? Thanks.

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I do not see any reference in the rulebook which leads to the conclusion that torpedoes have any advantage against wave lurking models. Can you explain this a bit more please? Thanks.


DigiAdmiral pg 131 top left:

"Any Model occupying the Surface or Aerial Height Bands targeting a Wave Lurking Model suffers a -1 ‘To Hit’ modifier, unless using a weapon with the Sub Killer MAR."



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Rather than start a new Thread, I'll simply keep posting battle reports in this on, and re-title it at some point!


2000 pts Armoured Core-KoB vs EotBS


We agreed we wanted a big armoured game with lots of Air stuff in. Technically the KoB are just over 40% non core, but we ignored this as the forces matched what we were expecting!





3 Hawks

5 Merlins


Brunel with shields

Soverign ( Mortar)


3 Mk2s + 1 Stewart

3 Mk2s

3 Cromwells


5 Terriers

2 Baronets + line infantry ( CIP for  one of the larges)


Squadrons: 4 large, 6 mediums, 4 smalls, 25 SAS




Rajin command gyro

Sky fortress

3 Inari

1 Onryo

5 Tetsubo


Mobile airfield (+ 2 bansans)

Hover squid( + small tank upgrade)


3 Medium tanks

2 Ronin Mk1

2 Ronin Mk2


5 small tanks

5 small tanks


Squadrons: 4 Large, 5 medium, 5 smalls, 22 SAS


One large table ( 50 X 85"), and about 5 boxes worth of  Spartan buildings!

We   put lots of terrain on the table. Our map looks like:

 ........................................KoB side

...Mountain.........Large hill with town on top of it.................Medium hill with town.......

...Large Hill..................Lake............................................Medium hill.........................

..........................................EotBS side


Deployment  looks like

EOTBS Left to right:

Small fliers, Onryo, 5 Dive bombers LAS, RoboSquid + small tanks, 5 small tanks, Sky fortress( 3 DB, 3 fighters)Guardian generator ronin, Medium tanks, Turret Ronin, 5 Fighters LAS, Rajin( commodore), 5 small tanks, Inari, Mobile airfield with bansans( 3 DB, 3 fighters) and  line infantry CIP


KoB left to right:

Merlis, Mk2 medium tanks, Terrier small tanks, hawks. Brunel( 5 DB+ 1 Recon), Eagle( commodore), 5 fighters( LAS) Mk2 mediums + stewart, 5DBs( LAS),  Halifax + 3 fighters S support, foxhound recon tanks, Sovergin, Illustrious( 3 DBs, 3Fighters) Cromwells


All 22 fliers deploy in obscured,and I managed to find enough tokens for all of them!

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The EotBS player  pulls the all mediums order. With so many of them spread across the board, they default to 70%

The KoB player gets all larges.  Looking even harder to manage before their opponent guesses, and hides them in obscured safe from   most gunnery and boarders, they too go for 70%.


Turn 1

KoB end up going first. Most SAS advance so they will be 3.9" away from their carriers once the carrier have advanced, preventing easy kills at the start of turn 2. In the centre, the full fighter wings head towards each other. The KoB Recon spots the opposing commodore through the clouds.


The KoB Sky fortress advances, and turns side to give both turrets to some small tanks, and scores a damage on one. The unexpected manoeuvre saves it from damage, as the Rajin activates, and drops a disruption node down, knocking  out the shields of the Illustrious. The Barrage of rockets and shells from the commodore fall short though! This is a good wake up call for the KoB not to trust their shields today!

A Mk2  squadron advances, but has no targets yet.

The tetsubo try for a first strike on their counterparts.  At optimum range, one merlin is blown from the sky by 14 hits, but the others are luckier,  with their AA reducing the incoming attacks to fireworks.

The British, clearly not liking the Rajin  one bit,  have it spotted twice by the foxhounds, who also open fire on it to no effect.

The Robosquid advances, and causes enough damage with it's rockets to start a Mk2 burning on the left.

The British Landship opens up with it's heavy mortar on the enemy commodore, and hitting on a 4+ due to the spotting, causes a damage. The precise speed and altitude figures from all the spotters make hiding in the clouds pointless!

The Inari squadron target the foxhounds, trying to prevent this being repeated. Their guns fail to do anything, and  13 rocket hits are reduced to a damage by AA and guardian coverage.  The British bombards follow their larger cousins example, and cause a further damage on the Rajin.


The mobile airfield and Bansans target the Shield-less illustrious. However, more impressive AA reduces 12 hits to 4!

The halifax picks up its squadron support as a CAP, advances and piercing foreguns damage an Inari for a Nav Lock.

EotBS small tanks advance, as do KoB Dive bombers, to within 4" of a carrier.

The Gunnery Ronin target and miss the Illustrious, but the Eagle shows them how to do it. Turrets cost an Inari 3 AP and 1HP.

The Guardian generator Ronin advance,and one of them attracts the attention of the Brunel, and the fore guns cost it 2 HP and 2 AP.


EotBS medium  tanks advance, and damage an obscured Hawks. The Hawks are after tastier prey, and piercing turrets  damage the bridge of Guardian Ronin,  reducing it to chaos and disarray, but leaving it's vital generator functioning. The Sky fortress advance, but is movement blocked at 24.5"- unhelpful with mainly RB3 weapons! Kob Small tanks advance  carefully, as does the Onryo, which fails to damage anything, as it  heads to disrupt the Hawks shields later..


The Merlins now take their revenge, speeding  into  RB1 and 2 of the tetsubo. AA damages one, and their fore guns  destroy another for no loss. In the centre, the Mk2s and Stewart inflict a crit and a pircing damage on the inari squadron- two nav locks

The Baronets move up to behind the bulk of the Brunel, and drop off their infantry, who will form a CIP for it next turn- useful with so many small tanks heading that way.


Repairs. The Shields on the Illustrious come back up, but the Fire on the Mk2 burns on.  The inaris fix thier nav locks, the Ronin finds some officer still functioning  and we move on to turn two....( later)

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Turn 2

The EotBS use combat repair on their battered Inari, and regain just 2 HPs. Clearly need better engineers!


The KoB win first activation (  with so many  units, first activation matter less) and the merlins carry on their vendetta against the Tetsubo at range band 1. Two tetsubo fall from the sky, and another  tarils smoke from clear signs of damage.


The Rajin also carries on as before. Moving slowly, it turns side on, projects a node which knocks out the shields on the Soverign land ship, but does not effect the Halifax. The Turret fails to hit the Halifax, but the rockets cause a damage and a fire on the heavy bomber.


 To prevent further damage to the halifax, 5 KoB Fighters intercept their opposing big wing. Both side lose three. The EotBS hope to press home the advantage that swarm tactics gives them,  but are betrayed by the dice. Both sides are wiped out, with the pilots rather glad they are are over terra firma, rather than the cold Pacific.


The Hawks sweep forward,  block the route of advance with mines, spots the Rajin three times, and open fire. Their AA  downs two fighters,and cause a piercing damage on the Robosquid, jamming it's guns, and cost the Onryo 2HP and 3AP.


The Inari's rockets fail to hurt anything, but their turrets, despite damage, knock out the AA and CC of a Hawk.

 The Brunel, seeing many fliers, retasks 5 dive bombers to fighters. It turns the powerful foreguns on the  Guardian Ronin hoping to remove it before the land forces close in, and  BOOM! Magazine explosion!- with many units clustered for the guardian cover  The EotBS player  plays the unlucky shot TAC, and re-rolls it to something less exciting.


The Ronins Crit the shieldless Halifax, and  cripple it's fore guns. KoB Fighters engage the Onryo, and skilfully strafe it's AA emplacements, leaving it defenceless for no loss.


 The Inari show off their long range rocket accuracy- 11 AD cause 16 hits on a Hawk. Which proceed to bounce off shields and AA for no effect. Their turrets cripple the engines on the Halifax,  and  cause another fire.


The Cromwells  continue to rain shells on the Rajin, causing another damage. That disruption node is too dangerous to let function!


The EotBS mobile Airfield turns it's huge turret to the Halifax, but is thrown by cloud cover and misses. Noticing one Cromwell is out of Guardian coverage, it turns a rocket barrage on it; 13 AD becomes 29 hits, a quadruple crit.


The Mk2s with Stewart thread their way through the town on the Hill (clearly spaces between building in towns are called roads, so allowing the tanks to proceed at full speed without risk) They use their elevated position to fisre on the Gunnery Ronin, and hit one for 2 HP and a weapon damage. The ability of both sides to roll  far too effective crits is becoming obvious.


A unit of small tanks close up, and  finish off the tired Halifax. The Sovereign landship advances,  damages a small tank, fails to AA an Inari, and damages the Rajin with Mortar fire. I realize if I can AA an Inari, I am too close to them,and decide to remove the threat before it next activates.


3 EotBS dive bombers attack the huge Sovereign landship, but fail to notice the Combat Infantry patrol with their machine guns, who cripple the attack before any damage can be caused (Sovereign AA, nothing, CIPs 3AA, 3 kills)


The Foxhound squadron show the power of their autocannons; One Inari suffers a critical hit and falls from the sky, a second  takes critical hit to the Bridge and is thrown into chaos.

On the left, a medium tank squadron opens fire on the Hawks.  Gunfire  fails to find a target, but AA cripples a Shield projector.

KoB medium tanks have not yet found their range, as the Onryo and opposing medium tanks escape unharmed.

Blazing Sun Small tanks  knock another shield off the Hawks  (Using positioning to have one hawk in RB1 for AA, and another in RB2 for gunnery dictates targets)

The remaining Guardian Generator Ronin advances, to cover as many units as possible, and hide from the Brunel.

Kob Fighters engage and destroy another Inari, whilst the Robosquid shows that the rocket launch system is  fully functional, and sets the engine compartment of a Cromwell ablaze.


The Eagle descends from the clouds (the first flier to do so!) and cripples the turret on the other Ronin.

3 small tanks  turn 4AA into 11 hits on a hawk, starting two fires.

The Illustrious also descends, and closes on the remaining Inari. AA scores a critical hit on the engines, and a turret( on 6s) Primary guns at RB1 and obscured target) manage 8 hits and blow it from the sky.   Consider that bombing run foiled!

The EotBS sky fortress descends as well, and targets the Eagle, and manages a 1/2 AD crit.


Assorted KoB SAS move about, as the EotBS are out of activations.


Repairs: EotBS Both Ronin 1/2 AD fixed ( with commodore help), the Robosquid 1/2 AD and Onryo Shredded defences not fixed


KoB Eagle. 1/2 AD fixed only by commodore re-roll and experienced engineers. The Cromwell fixes the fuel line and so puts out the fire in the engine compartment. The battered Hawk squadron fixes a fire, shields offline and shredded defences, leaving just a fire and a Shields offline.


VPs KOB 420, EotBS 220


Turn three


In a further display of conspicuous competence, the Hawk squadron finds time for a battlefield repair, and regains 3 HPs as well all those critical effects. VPS

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Turn three proper:


The Rajin nodes projector knocks out the Soverigns shields, but doesn't affect the Illustrious.  Rockets cause a damage and fire on a Hawk, whilst a turret cause a fusion leak on a Mk2.


The Hawks, feeling they should act whilst they still can, drop more mines, knock out a Turret Ronin, and board the Sky fortress. 10 AP head for it, and 8 make it on board, to face 8 defenders. Both sides  roll 6, so the KoB play no Quarter, and both sides lose a further one. A tie, with  the sky fortress left  with just one defender.


Small tanks close in on the Sovereign, and cause yet more damage to the shields, but fail to AA the Illustrious.

3 fighters attack the damaged Rajin, and cause a damage for one loss. 3 EotBS fighters close in on 5 dive bombers, and down 2, but forget that KoB dive bombers have more machine guns, and are wiped out in the process.


The Merlins, give their now toothless opposite numbers their AA , causing a damage, but turn thier main firepower on small tanks, damaging 2. They also  send boarding parties onto the very vulnerable Onryo, and overwhelm the one AP left on board. They shut down the disruption generator before it can charge again, and signal the Hawk squadron of their success.


The Ronin damages the Sovereign and  destroys a dive bomber. The squadron decides attack is the best form of defence, and scores a direct hit on the troop decks ( -3 AP, 1 loss)


The remaining Tetsubos try and fail to retake the Onryo, but a potshot with their rockets crits the Stewart( nav lock) despite the squadrons defensive fire.


The Illustrious area bombards the small tanks beneath it, but clearly has some fusing problems, as it only removes one. The Gunners are equally  successful, only managing a simple damage on the mobile airfield. This Leviathan shows activates, destroying a Cromwell, damages and sets alight both a Hawk and the Sovereign.

5 Kob Fighters  attack 5 Dive bombers, and are driven off - 4 losses and no kills!  3 dive bombers attack the Stewart, and are destroyed before they can attack! The number of activations for both sides is dropping fast here....


The Sovereign plough through the small tanks firing as it goes- kills 2 and damages another, disordering the remainder, whilst the mortars do no damage. The Ronin is not harmed by the Ram. A boarding party of 4 fail to take the Ronin, but destroy it through a sabotage.


On the left, small tanks advance slowly onto the hill to skirt the hawks minefield, AA merlins (DR) and cost a Mk2 2AP and 2HP. The Mk2s are now in effective range, and remove three of those cheeky small tanks.


The Robosquid hovers over the lake, kills the remaining Cromwell with rockets, and kills the Stewart with the tentacle guns.

 The Foxhounds are funnelled into a street, pointing straight at the massive mobile airfield. They are all at optimum range, and can see over each other thanks to the size of the target. The cause chaos and a 1/2 AD.


EotBS medium Tanks engage the Mk2s in the centre, and shred the defences of one, with other attcks doing nothing. The Mk2s reply, and inflict a 1/2 AD.


On the left EotBS small tanks attack the terriers, and damage one;the terriers wipe out three in reply, and a dive bomber for good measure! The Guardian Ronin  carries on the very elegent' run away from Brunel' manover, until the Eagle  knocks out a leg of the walker, slowing it down.


The sky fortress  turrets knock out the Eagles shields, and the rockets destroy the battered Sovereign.


The Brunel advances;  destroys a tetsubo with a broardside, disordering the survivor( with 0 AP and 1 HP...) and inflicts a 1/2 move on the sky fortress.


3 Kob fighters, with  special ammo loaded ( the devastating barrage card) manage to land the final damage needed to destroy the commodore. Fleetwide disorder not too bad!


Repairs; KoB: 1 Mk2 dies to corrosion, another fixes its defences; the Eagle fixes its shields and puts out the fire, the Hawks fix a shield and a fire, but 2 more fires burn,  and as they have no AP left, removing 2 HPs- yet somehow all Hawks are still going!

EotBS_ Mobile airfield fixes the chaos, but not the 1/2 AD. Other repairs here illegible!

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Turn 4


The KoB go first 3:2, and the illustrious  services two wings of 3 dive bombers, bombs and shoots the mobile airfield for 2 damage. In the centre, medium tanks clash, and the Mk2s take 2 damage.


The Foxhounds  carry on pouring fire into the mobile airfield, and cause the final three damage needed to finish it.


At this point, the EotBS player conceeds,  as they are rapidly running out of effective units, and the KoB only need to mop up 100 points for victory. 1295:705


Conclusions and observations.


That felt much closer than the score suggests until the end of turn three.


The EotBS had aweful luck with their nodes, and the attacks on so many units getting a DR when they should have got a CR if the dice had behaved.


There were lots of crippling crits on both sides, but with so many piercing KoB weapons, and their good engineers, the EotBS suffered much more from this.


The Hawks dominated that flank, with effective firepower,and mines controlling movement. Their boarding action pushed the sky fortress up into obscured to run away from boarding as well, reducing its firepower when most needed.


Never underestimate MK2s!


EotBS rockets should never be targeted at the same thing as the guns- with normally generous arcs, there is no reason not to pick a target at their most effective range, which is not the same as the guns. The Cromwells were demolished by these cross board shots.


When to descend from obscured is a difficult question, but when it ceases to be much protection is a good answer- spotting the Rajin for the bombard units worked well.


I need to take neater notes on these games!


Terrain for Armoured games is just more fun, as you can often interact with it more-  climb it for better LoS,  stack one type on top of another  and it has in game effects. I really need to find those rive and bridge bits I have, as there are some scenarios I am working on (not at all inspired by a  bridge too far....) I may want to try soon.

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 10.30,  15th March 1872

Staff meeting, Southern African Station, Cape Town


"So, you've all heard the rumours, but now it is official. We've had the word from London that the East India Company have indeed lost that big convoy, and all their escorts  in the Western Indian Ocean.  The Raj fleets are rather busy to their east, so it is up to us to find them."


"How can they have lost a whole convoy? They had a Battleship, cruiser squadron, Support blimp, a gaggle of escorts and a couple of escort carriers with them! They should have been able to take care of themselves against anything short of a fleet, and we'd know if there was a fleet  here. The Blazing Sun might be able to get the odd merchant raider over here, but not a whole fleet...."


"That is exactly  what we have to find out.  I want every reconnaissance resource we  have looking for them, or whatever has taken them. What have we got available?"And what convoys are in that area?


"Well sir, there's the Sceptre and her squadron. The old S class subs that were refitted with extra fuel tanks, mines, and two folding floatplanes.  We've 5 of the long range Flying boats in service at the moment, and there are the coastal look out posts...."


"The only convoy in that direction is the Troop convoy from India, and they've got a strong escort force. "

"I don't care how strong the escort is, we are not losing two divisions! Pull the Sky fortress Temeraire and all her Merlins off northern patrol, and give them  the fastest route possible to the convoy.  Alert them to expect anything. The Hawks will have to cope with the land patrol on their own.


06.30,  17th March 1872

Emergency Staff meeting, Southern African Station, Cape Town


" We have just received a signal from HMS Suburb, and frankly, if I didn't know that ship, I wouldn't believe it.  Help yourself to copies"


HMS Suberb, to Cape town station, copied HMS Sceptre, Salute, Signal


Location: Mozambique Channel, Lat 23.52 S Long 43.72E Time 06.17


 Have located  missing convoy and escort force. Anchored at harbour, with substantial force of other craft. Estimate 1 battle carrier, 3 battleships, 3 cruiser squadrons, 2 escort carriers, 30+ mixed escorts,  10 merchants, medium and heavy blimps,  large numbers support aircraft. Substantial fortifications and dockyard facilities.  Full report to follow.





"I've dispatched a copy to London.  Our standing orders are to ensure the safety of all convoys, by any means necessary, and for once, I am glad they are that vague. We're going to need all the help we can get to take on a force like that.What assets have we got available?"


 In port at the moment, we have

Drake( Battle cruiser )

William Rufus ( Ruler class battleship)

McBeth, Mcduff and Malcom ( Tribals)

Bemuda ( Dominion)

1 corvette squadron, 2 frigate squdrons


"The Troop convoy- we can  anchor them for a few days, and use their escort force... Give the troops a sporting competition or something to stretch their legs"

Billy Ruffian, Billy the B*******

"Flags, I've told you before, use proper names...."

Bellerophon ( Fleet Carrier)

Willam the Conquerer( Ruler class battleship)

Crecy, Potiers, Harfleur ( Agincourts)

Tobago( dominion)

Viking, Vandal, Visigoth ( Vanguards)

assorted escorts


Temeraire (Sky fortress ) and her Merlins



"There's a convoy coming down the West Coast with a decent escort force- mixed merchants Bound for Australia.  West Africa Station owe us a favour, we could ask them to keep the escort force on an extra few days..."

Raleigh ( Battle cruiser)

Triumph( Vengence class)

Sioux, Saxon, Scythian ( Tribals)

Jamacia ( Dominion)

Orion class destroyers, Escorts


"Can we lean on the Penguin Botherers, sorry, Antarctic observation group?  If we can get rid of this menace, we can give them more support in future..."

" Put Trafalger and the rest of their submarines on the roster."


"How about the Australians? That flotilla is due in next Thursday..."


"No.  We don't need  one bunch of pirates to deal with another lot. "


"So, the plan is  we steam North, pick up every re-enforcement we can, and   see if we can get to the bottom of this. Signal Suberb to rendezvous with us en route, and  give a full report in person."


"Sir, looking at those co-ordinates, that is the old French trading post that we raided two years ago. We have decent charts of the area at least."


Signals Officer:  "We've got a reply from London. They approve your request to requisition any reasonable assets, and request us to resolve the situation as soon as possible"


Commodore "Any reasonable assets? As soon as possible?   That convoy is Highlanders and Ghurkas, isn't it... If we take them with us, we can give them better exercise than a rugby match!"

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On board HMS Bellarophon, Commodore Southern African station 23.00, 23rd march

Present. Captains of all major units, Captain of HMS Suberb reporting on observations.


Commodre: " I have gathered everyone here to brief you all in person. We do not have much information, so it may fall to any one of you to use your best judgement. Captain, make your report."


"Yes sir.

Before dawn on the 17th, our hydrophone operators picked up sounds of multiple ships to our North-East. I  ordered us to surface, and prepare the scout plane to launch at first light. They spotted the source of the sound, and  noticed the port.  Once they had returned, and we had dispatched our initial report,  I closed into the coastline, hid in a rocky inlet, and sent them up again. There were quite a few support aircraft of mixed types about, practising deck landings and such like, and it appears our recon unit went unidentified, as they got lost in the mess.


They report a full scale dockyard, with substantial engineering facilities- fuel depots, tender ships, repair platforms, and a floating dry dock.

The bulk of the forces there are Italian Ships. Two battleships, a carrier, two cruiser squadrons, and perhaps 20 escort types.

The East India Company convoy is there also- Battleship, Support Blimp, cruisers, and two frigate squadrons, along with the two escort carriers

They also report a large blimp with a flight deck of a type they could not identify, but clearly some kind of sky fortress, as well as an airfield on land.


Most of the merchants are there, but  it appears some have been scuttled in the main approach channel  as some kind of breakwater"


Commodore "Thank you captain. Well there you have it. We are not going up against a ragged band of pirates, but a full scale fleet. Frankly, I would like to know what is going here. The East India Convoy appears totally intact, and not to have been taken by force, so we are forced to assume they are either prisoners or part of this group.  Do not  fire upon them unless they  appear hostile.

Your orders are to  sink or capture every large hostile vessel you can find. If we can remove their heavy units,  our normal escorts can take care of the smaller stuff.   I cannot believe they are just pirates., they are simply too well equipped for that. I want some of their commanding officers in the Brig, so we can get some answers. Beyond that, I can only echo one of our most glorious predecessors-


" When I am without orders and unexpected occurrences arrive I shall always act as I think the honour and glory of my [Queen] and Country demand. But in case signals can neither be seen or perfectly understood, no captain can do very wrong if he places his ship alongside that of the enemy."


" At present speed, we will be in range of the location at roughly 14.00 tomorrow. We  will divert course Westward, and reduce speed a few knots, to arrive just before dusk. We can come in from the West, and have the targets lit up, and force them to shoot into the setting sun. Navagaiting officer, make the calculations and signal change of course to the fleet"


 Captain of Suberb-" We know this gang are after merchants. We could give them a 'convoy' to the North, so their recon is looking in the wrong direction, and doesn't see us coming.... Sceptre  is in the right direction, we could have her bleat away like a merchantman breaking orders and radio silence to regain her convoy..."

Commodre-" Make it so. We have not yet heard from Trafalger and her group, but they have been signalled. Let us hope they arrive. Now return to your ships, and get your crews well rested for tomorrow."

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