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Brimat's Paint Splatters

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Hello everyone,


i just wanted to present my Sorylian Fleet after i completed painting the Patrol Fleet and a carrier with its escorts


First is the Battleship:





Next are the cruisers:





And a picture of the whole patrol fleet:




And last but not least, the carrier:





The next ships in the shipyard are from the Frigatte&Corvette Box and a squadron of destroyers.  :)

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So, after a long time, i finished another squadrin of ships.


Pics can be found here: http://blog-n-games.blogspot.de/2015/10/heavy-cruiser-squadron-finished.html


And after digging out this thread, i saw, that the T3's and destroyers where next in line. They were finished ages ago, i think i will take a picture of the fleet, next time i come to my depot in the gaming club. :)

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I don't get it. Did you glue the nail in one end and sink the magnet into the hole on the other?

I'm not happy with the strength of the magnetization on my last job of Terran Cruisers and now I'm eyeing Veydreth Cruisers to magnetize but I haven't done anything yet because I need a stronger hold for moving things around in play. If you did what I think you did, that may be the ticket.

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The magnet goes into the hole of the cruiser hull and the nail heads into the "light/heavy" parts. You have to check, that the magnets are sunk in plain to the surface, thats where i got problems the last time on my sorylian cruisers. :)

More strength of the link can be achieved by using magnets on both sides. But for me the nails are working fine.

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