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Planetfall Scenario: "Disrupt Sensor Net"

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To clarify - attacker's reserves come in "as soon as the sub-array is destroyed", flat out from their board edge.  This happens mid-turn, not during the reserves phase?  Can they then activate as well that turn?

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Hey Grim,


Its been a bit but I got in a game with your scenario "secure the facility".  We made some decisions about some points that came up during the game.  We assumed the game ends turn five.  We were unsure what happens if the attacker gets zero hour but did not hold the DZ.


During the game we felt that capturing the DZ was super difficult too difficult in fact.  All he had to do was kill my forward elements, and I lost the ability to go after the objective.  I was playing the Sorylians (attacker).


My opponent was playing Dindrenzi (defender)  His complaint was that he felt that there was no incentive for the Attacker to go after shield generators early on.  I targeted his unit, because I know how tough the renzi are.


We felt the scenario would be fine in Narrative play as it could be modified to give the attacker more points, or force the defender to hold some units off table till turn 3.


For a balanced mission however we felt that it was off.  On the fly we felt like putting a building(objective in the DZ would be better, but treat it as a primary objective for the attacker.  Keep the  rule about the generators intact (4TV, and may not enter DZ until all are destroyed) but to keep the game more of a game the defender gets a number of TV at the end of each turn for each generator not destroyed.  make that equal to the turn number.  So 1 point for each generator alive turn 1, 2 points each turn 2 etc. this puts the attacker on the clock.  but it allows that attacker to win without having to take the primary. If the defender can keep the generators alive he can win by "holding the line".  You can also experiment with the generators LOS class to balance the scenario.  IE making the armored allows the defender to park units in front of them to keep them alive.  Elevated and the bombardment may begin turn one.


Sorry for the delay on feedback, but its been a busy week.

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