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Directorate v Aquan - 3K - action pics - part 1 of 2

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Not really a proper battle report - but thought i'd share some pics.


The venue is Firestorm Games in Cardiff, 50+ tables and a shop in central Cardiff, just behind the central railway station.


Deployment - my Directorate core helix on the right flank opposite Mike's Aquan heavy helix, my Heavy helix in the centre ground opposite his core, leaving our allies to face off on the left flank. Lines are drawn.






Early recon fighting over central objective buildings - the Imanzis took a pounding.




Mike's Sedna command skimmers occupied the central ground dishing out damage and soaking up fire all game.




Early game struggles for central objective buildings.




Locatu tank hunters in the woods - I'll be more cautious approaching these guys in our next game!




Works Raptor recon allies speeding between buildings and turning Aquan Lamanas to molten slag with their CQB fire....




The Informer buggies in the foreground hold an objective building. The second squadron of Informers is moving out to bathe the woods in flame thrower fire as it ignores cover - they left their own objective building once the infantry arrived to take over. Sadly, I underestimated the Locatus and return fire almost wiped the squadron out....




A Terquai temportal portal cheekily skydrops in next to my home objective building - Nabis heavy infantry battle suits pour out....




The Nabis successfully storm the objective building throwing my surviving light infantry out and into the adjacent building. Annoying, but really cinematic....





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Only infantry do, and the Informers don't ignore cover. I can only assume this was a mix up due to assumption that since a vehicle can go into a wood and a wood grants cover, they overlooked only to infantry. x) Informers ignoring cover though.. dunno where that mix up came from!

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