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Is anyone else interested in the names chosen for the Aquan vessles? I've been trying to find where the names came from.


Sedna - an Inuit goddess of the sea.

Haumea - a Hawaiian fertility goddess.

Sirsir - a Babylonian god associated with sailors (possibly only from fiction, as opposed to mythology).

Stingray - a type of fish.

Locatu - this is just a guess, but I think this is a joke. Locate you. These are our tank hunters.

Iophon - a genus of sea sponge. Also, a greek poet, but the sponge, although probably not very good at recon, is a better bet.


I have nothing on the rest. Does anybody know or have any ideas for El Shami, Lamana, Votari, Imzani, Khitariand Nabis? Some of these might just be made up, but El Shami and Lamana seem like actual names.



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I seems to remember some connection to Iophon, but it was weak.


The Terquai probably name their stuff for ancient Earth things, being philosophers and scholars, but the Aquans, as you say, usually have some nautical ties, albeit strenuous. 

Seeing as searching for "El-Shami" leads to this very thread on the first page of hits, it might not have any symbolism this time...

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