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doubleones's EoBS Fleet Refresh

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The Empire of the Blazing Sun was my first DW fleet / faction a few years ago. Although the ships were all painted and looked "OK" they weren't exactly eye-catching. They were very utilitarian and basic. After doing my French ships and some Eclipse Company stuff, I decided that the Japanese needed a new look.




The old paint scheme. Rather unimaginative.




Into the PineSol they went. The only ocean-going vessels that didn't get the treatment are my Ika and mini subs.




After some scrubbing with a toothbrush and some elbow grease they got blasted with some lovely dark orange spray paint.




I did four small ships to begin with. I wanted to streamline a process and make certain that the final result would be something I could live with for a few years.




Next, I went big and did my carrier and three cruisers








The next batch was the remainder of the frigates and destroyers, as well as the Arashis.





So far, so good! I've got my battleship in the queue and it will be completed next. Behind it are the gunships, corvettes and escorts. I'll be sure to add pics as things progress.

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I have so many unpainted miniatures form so many different systems that is unthinkable, to me, to strip something I've already completed to paint it again... as bad as it could be, a painted miniature is not a "to do" one :D


Anyway, nice scheme. Maybe a bit too bold for my tastes, but I would like to try something less conventional (from what I'm doing with PE) for my next fleet. Coincidentally, EoBS :)

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Thank you for the compliments!


Yes, I admit the green is strong, as if the orange isn't strong enough :D   The other two color alternatives that green competed against were yellow and white. They lost primarily because white is OVERDONE and yellow never seems to be opaque enough.


The orange was originally going to be chocolate brown but it a) just seemed kind of drab and B) when I got the Home Depot and started looking at all of the available "satin" colors the orange really got my attention. I briefly considered red too, but my buddy has a Polish force that will probably be very red.

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It is Rust-oleum - specifically :



They have a wide selection of colors. I wouldn't know if it's available in Jolly Ol'. The Satin (not gloss) is flat enough to paint on. I've used their paint as base coat on 6mm infantry as well with good results.

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And it's a wrap! I've finished the re-paint project and am very pleased with the results. I know they're far from traditional - very bright, very contrasty - but they're two levels up from eye-catching, unique and look great as a group.


I finished up the corvettes this evening and got some group shots before sundown. I may do the other escorts some time in the future but since they are rarely used, I'm not terribly concerned with them.
















Thanks for giving them a look!

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Though not technically part of the fleet re-paint project, I finished up some Tetsubos a couple of days ago. Price has been the primary deterrent for me in the past, but I found some recently for less than half price.







Nothing incredible, I know. I do love WWII bare metal aircraft the silver and red looks good, en masse.


While I was putting them away in the storage bin, I took a group shot with my other fliers forming the Airmada.





Perhaps my next game of DW should be Aerial Core?

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