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c0rruptd's Dindrenzi

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Hi everyone!

Finally, after much deliberation and planning (by which I mean procrastinating and getting distracted by othOOooooo SHINY THING!) I have started painting my Dindrenzi Planetfall army. And by started I also mean finished, because it's about a week and a half's work... :P

So, here it is! The Dindrenzi 12th Expeditionary Force!



For up-close-and-personal, first up we have the Kratos Heavy Tanks (Number 4 and Number 5, because they haven't earned names, aside from some rather unrepeatable ones for dying to a horde of Informer buggies... *glares threateningly at the Kratos* ).

I noticed after taking the photos that I haven't finished the blue energy-dissipation-thingies yet, but then couldn't be bothered to fix it before posting. :P


Next up, the work-dogs of the force! By which I mean 'only survivors of my last game', the Eris Medium Tanks (and their pet/meat-shield Circe. This one is already notorious for apparently holding the map upside down and failing to get any success on designation attempts...)




Also, we can't forget the wonderfully nippy little Letos, our only Recon Specialists so far. Fast, can put out the pain, and love dancing around getting flank- and rear-shots on other Recons. Also love exploding due to Blanket Fire TAC cards being used against them. Guess they finally just got to that level of annoying... :P




And finally, the unit that causes much crying out and gnashing of teeth from Dindrenzi opponents the galaxy across: the Nyx Light Infantry and their Orbital Tin Can... I mean Damocles Drop Pod... Yeh...


Now, a few things about my Nyx. Since we didn't have Officers when I decided to paint mine, I figured I'd just paint up some normal Nyx a little differently. Below, you will see Flag-wavin' Dave, a crazy person that lost a bet and apparently now has to carry a flag around the battlefield.

Which is to say, I wantéd to see if I could make a flag... :P

Anyways, you'll notice the Nyx also have a head stripe, white pips on the shoulders and knee, and some additional red. It does the job, and they will probably 1) all get bundled into a special squad in the future when I get the proper Officers, or 2) the scheme will become standard across all my Nyx, which will require a little bit more painting, but I do like the scheme...

I'm open to suggestions. :P



Oh, and finally-finally (at least for this post!), one of the most important items for any Dindrenzi commander worth his salt: Sky Drop Markers!

I made mine match the scheme of the force, and after a few games of realising it was a little hard to point across the table at a cluster of markers and explain which one I meant, I added some numbers (which also helpfully added a bit more colour to them).


Anyways, that's enough pictures and rambling for one post, as it's time for the pub!

But fear not (or more likely, be afraid...), I'll be updating this thread with even more pictures of Dindrenzi, when I get around to taking some individual photos of the Heavy Helix.

Which I neglected to do. Because... *shrugs*

For now, Reese out!

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Cheers guys! Great to hear feedback! :D

Awesomeshotdude, I cheated a little. I printed out a few miniaturised Dindrenzi symbols on A4 paper, cut them out, then painted over them to get the sharp edges because, Dayum! They was pixelated!

As an example, below is what they started as.


Darkjedi, as above: Just A4 paper, cut out and glued back-to-back, then painted over to correct any flaws. With some random copper wire I bought many years ago when I had some misguided notion to 'pin'models... Bah, the dreams of the young... :P

The decals though, I got from Bedlam Creations (who I found by googling, and I'd link you, but I accidentally filled the Ctrl+C cache and it's too late in the eve for me to dig out again... Sorry... :P ). But they were pretty easy to deal with, and I heartily approve of their decals. 

Also, get your hands on Micro Set and Micro Sol. Good lord, do they make decals amazing to work with. :)


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Some swish work you got there sir! I love it, always been a fan of much more subtly shaded minis than ones with a lot of edge highlighting, looks a lot more real. :) Looking at Nyx and Patriots makes me as a Terran feel sad, they have so much more nicer infantry models than Hirdmen. D:


Thanks for the heads up about the Decal, will have to look into those! Micro Set and Micro Sol really do clean off the "gloss" that decals leave, though never taken step to get any to try using it...

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Thanks Commander Drakere. I too like the more subtle schemes (although, not in every game system... :P ). And I wouldn't get too jealous, by the looks of it the Terrans got by far the slickest looking Infantry Upgrades. While I heartily approve of the Dindrenzi storming method of using rocket launchers, the Terran guys carrying miniguns just look badass. :P

Anyways, as promised, some more photos! You all thought I was lying, didn't you...? ;)

First up is the Heavy Helix, and logic dictates (as does the file order in Windows Explorer) that the Ares and his pet Circe are first!

These guys have yet to be used, and since they are painted, I expect them to promptly explode on their first activation. Such is the fate of newly-painted models...




Also coming along with the Ares are the Gorgos Tank Hunters. These were models I was a little apprehensive about from pictures, but now that I have actually held them and painted them, I am quite the convert.

I also expect these guys to explode on their first outing though... :P


And, something I mentioned in passing, but am actually quite proud of (so proud I even took pictures of it) are the markings on the Orbital Tin Can doors. These are done with decals and the aforementioned Micro Set/Micro Sol combo.

You'll have to excuse the paint job, as these were 'rescue models', ones I had painted previously but disliked. Unfortunately the varnish I used dried so freaking hard anything I could use to remove it was more likely to melt the resin than varnish... *sigh*


Anyways, that's it for now. Mostly because I've run out of stuff to paint... At least until my Leviathan gets here! *continues refreshing tracking website to see if it's changed any*

Till then, it's objective markers, and planning some scratch built terrain!

Reese out!

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Thanks everybody! Definitely keeping me motivated. :D

So motivated in fact, that I just finished my newest and shiniest toy, my Hyperion Leviathan! And boy do I love this model! So much so, he got 4 photos all to himself!  :wub: 

There may have also been degrading 'Yeh, work it baby... That's it... Yeh...' going on while I was taking the photos... :P








Anyways, once I'm done sitting here and admiring the beasty that is this thing, I guess I have another 10 Leto's to paint. Or perhaps my second faction will turn up...  :ph34r: 


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Fantastic work on the Hyperion mate, it looks awesome. You did a superb job on the cockpit window!!!

All I can say is 'god I love my airbrush'. That thing makes fantastic effects like the cockpit take seconds. And I've barely even really got the hang of it! :P

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Very nice! How are you doing your reds?

Very simple. Over the Charcoal/Dark Grey base, I brush on VMC Black Red, and once I've done that I seal the whole thing in a matte varnish. After that, I mask off the areas around the red, and using an airbrush, apply a layers of VGC Bloody Red until it's at a shade I like. Remove the masking once its dried, touch up the areas and apply highlights to your hearts content. :D

And thanks everyone! I'm hoping to have those Leto's done as soon as I can muster the enthusiasm to paint 10 more Light Tanks. :P

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Actually only took about 10-15 minutes to mask, with about the same in airbrushing afterwards. And the end result is much more pleasing than faffing about trying to get red to apply that smoothly and easily with a paint brush. That gets infuriating... :P

Of course, your end result depends on the colour you are using, the amount of area you need to mask/paint, and how confident you feel with cleaning up if there is over-spill. :)

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Alrighty! I'm back after a long absense of painting those dirty, sneaky Terrans! And this time it's with a whole bunch of Nyx! Yes, I have added MORE Nyx to my collection.

After having a a look over my Dindrenzi Light Infantry Upgrade Box, I came to two pretty big conclusions.

1) I dislike the Gun Shields on the Gun Teams. 

2) The Officer and Sweeper Team Bases look a bit bare.

So, despite my long and vicious love-hate relationship with Green Stuff, I sat down and tried a couple of test models of Sweeper and Gun teams. 

Also, I decided to mix the Sweeper and Rifle Nyx up between bases. Gave my Officer bases some badasses with Rocket Launchers, and my Sweeper Teams someone to cover the poor guy that has to reload after every 'KNOCK KNOCK!' quote... :P




From this, I learnt many things. Mainly that me and Green Stuff still don't get along... Seriously, I am not that adhesive Green Stuff. Get off me dammit. 

Also, while I am not super-happy with the work, I can see it's potential, and that it's just gonna take practice to improve... So time to sit down, intimidate my supply of Green Stuff till it cooperates and then get back to finishing this lot off! :)

(Also, please excuse the crappy photos. Got turfed out of my usual work area for a bit, but should be returning soon...  :ph34r:  )


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I've debated milliput, but I'd have to find somewhere that sells the stuff, so Green Stuff kinda won using the 'well, it's already lying here ready to be used' argument tactic... :P


I like it - the best form of argument! Price wise it is pretty cheap if you can find somewhere that sells it in Australia though - ordering it from abroad would wipe out any saving I guess.


Von Klinkerhoffen - never heard of it, is it any good?

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