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MikeH's Terran Separatists

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hi all


I was lucky enough to get hold of a few of the older Planetfall figs a little while ago which contained a mixture of both the original forces and I wasn't sure what to do with them, so after a lot of thought I've decided to make them into a separatists force.


think of them as Humans who spilt from Terra back in the day and didn't fully embrace the Dindrenzi ideals, and their homeworld just got forgotten about in the conflicts that have raged over the years.


so this force is going to consist of a single Helix which has both Terran and Dindrenzi components and is defensive in nature, with no Skydrop ability.


I'm going to use the stats from the Heroes of Tarxon OoB's and just make up a different force structure to include the models I own. then I can work out a small campaign where the Separatists planet gets rediscovered by one of the core race.


so far I've made a start painting up some the units, starting with the Terran Tanks, which will make up the command element of my helix as well as a test base of heavy infantry





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Work on this force is continuing nicely, with the 4 gun emplacements finished and the heavy infantry and light vehicles basecoated and washed




I've also started work on a Battlescribe cat file for this force so I can build a force list easily


I'm hoping to finish the whole army over the weekend, fingers crossed

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