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Video Battle report Terrasse vs Directorate with Leviathans

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Good report, really like the board.
A few things I noticed.
Terran Valks don't reroll 1's for shields, only armoured units can reroll 1's (that also means the Odin doesn't reroll 1's)
The Works Raptor Witches get 5 dice for morale as it is a command unit and elite.

Flying units don't suffer penalties getting shot in the aft and rear.
The Heimdals couldn't CQB the Directorate light through the building, you still require line of sight @ 47mins.
So you wouldn't have lost that squad and you would have picked up the points at the end of the turn.

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Also that buggy really shouldn't have been able to sit under the Wraith, i know there was no place to put the flyer base but thats technically overlapping of bases/models. It should have gone around to the other side of the building or just stay close but not being under the base. Are there rules about placing flyers when theres not enough room to physically set the base? Would the Wraith have been even able to be placed like that? Ontop of a building?

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