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Dindrenzi 808th Expeditionary Force - Planet Fall Legion

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So a buddy and I are taking the plunge into Planetfall. We both played a bit a Armada and are old fans of Epic 40K so this was right in our wheelhouse. 


Anyway, here is the start to my Dindrenzi force. My FLGS was out of Core Helices (a common problem I hear) so while I was waiting for my order to arrive from Spartan direct, I grabbed a Heavy Helix and lay some paint on it.


The plan is to paint each Helix slightly different with secondary colours to unify them. For the Heavy Helix I went with a scheme that mimics my Armada fleet. A simple grey with orange. 


The Eris






The Gorgos Squadron



Group Shot with painted bases



And since 2015 seems to be the year of the snow bases for me...


Still a bit of work needed on the rail guns glow effect. A few edge highlights here and there to touch up, and the metallics need a bit more attention, but I'm happy with the way it's turning out. I'm thinking I want to number or give them insignia, but have not settled on a method yet. 



And finally a sneak peak of my "prototype" paint job for my Core Helix that just arrived in the mail.


Just wanted to get the colours down to as a proof of concept for a Off-White/Black/Orange Core Helix.


in addition, I'm messing around with the idea of using some weathering pigments to give the army a "lived in" feel.



Thanks for checkin' 'em out!



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Here are a few shots of the game I played last night. The table is comprised of mostly GF9's Battlefield in a Box Terrain with the Planetfall buildings. I definitely feel like I need to get a few more buildings to fill the table out a bit more.








My Core Helices and Heavy Helix minus the infantry/drop pods who are not painted yet.







The game we decided to play was Half Core and Full Heavy Helix, we didn't bother with points and didn't take any upgrades on our infantry. We used 3 TAC Cards and set 25 TV on our Zero Hour Trackers. It did not go well for the Sons of Rense...


Here is a shot of my Kratos right after getting bushwhacked by a squadron of Dino-bikers.



And one turn later my Ares got punked from across the board by his Tank Hunters.




Anyway, loving the game, loving painting up my lil'space tanks, loving everything about Planetfall!




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