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I don't think I've ever posted pictures just of my models on here. I have most of a painted FSA platoon and some small parts of PE and RoF platoons.

My FSA will primarily come later but I'll start first with a poor picture of my treadbikes. I have four with one being a leader but only three are painted as I rarely spend the points on all four in a game.


I like my painted Scouts although I don't like fielding them in my platoon. They are by far the best painted models that I own, and that is clearly because they were painted for me by my friend. He really liked the models and was down on his luck so I paid him for the fun of painting the models.


I went ahead and had created my own version of "Crook" or as I call him Muninn. I do have him painted but apparently I haven't taken a picture of him since I set him on his wall.


Most of my FSA infantry were painted quickly two years ago along with my PE for demo games at a local gaming convention. Since I've received the RoF I've made some progress on painting up the rest of my force, and that has also included getting plans to rebase my old FSA models. The HMGs are the first of the FSA with the bases as they were painted recently. Most other units will just be on the same simple bases as my RoF.


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Now onto my Prussians. All of these painted models were done two years ago. I normally don't tell people the reasoning behind my FSA and PE color schemes but I will here.

I didn't want to paint my FSA infantry in standard ACW uniform colors. I thought that brown would be fun to paint and I've never done a brown army so far... I had no idea what to do with the breastplates though... Until one day it just struck me... I was planning on painting Browncoats... So I just had to watch Firefly to figure out what accent colors to use, so the breastplates and accent colors are red based on their vests.

Because my FSA were almost Browncoats that logically put the Prussians as resembling their opponents as these forces were being painted up to demo against each other. The interplanetary government in Firefly the Browncoats were facing off against had purple on their armor and gray cloth, so that easily guided my hand in painting the PE. As these were never planned on actually being my force anywhere outside of demo games I tried to make their painting go as quickly as possible. The models were primed gray, with a few coats of black wash on top, a light highlight, and purple drybrushing on the armor. I really like how they turned out, and now I just need to finish up with the later additions I've made to the force.

My mini platoon


Close up 1


Close up 2


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