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Chadda Offensive: Disaster at KFN 372 [videoreport

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We also did a write up!

The battle gives a nice Story!


Batrep: Firestorm Armada
700 Point
Patrolfleet Borderclash game
Played by
Fabiusm (Dindrenzi) and Hahnc (Terran)

Chadda Offensive: Disaster at KFN372


Somewhere in an uninhabited system near the Chaddarian Phenomena, a Terran Alliance Battlegroup was about to surprise some Dindrenzi.

On board the Tyrant class Battleship:
Radar Officer: “Admiral, we have several energy sparks on our monitors, looks like 5-6 big ships and some smaller ones screening them. Could be the
Dindrenzi Battlegroup we are waiting for”
Admiral: “ Could, be, are you sure or what? Get me some exact data!”
RO: “Sorry they are two far of and on the other side of the planet, we will need a few minutes to get final data.”

A few minutes later:
RO: “Its confirmed, one big ship, energy signature is the a
Dindrenzi Praetorian class battleship, the one we are hunting for; It is leading  group of 5 more ships, and a smaller set of energy signatures, is screening them on their left flank. The leading group should be able to detect us in a few minutes, we need a decision now!”
Admiral:“ Ok! Order a general attack, tell everybody to focus their initial torpedoes on the frigates, nobody is supposed to leave the battlefield. Stay behind the planetoid until we have taken care of their scouting force and then use the planetoids gravity well to get into the middle of the fight. We will stay back and draw their main fire, our improved shields should keep us save! Everybody stick to the plan!”

Admiral: “All Stations report!”
Weapons officer (WO): “ All ships report, their torpedoes are out and they are reloading! The salvo should hit the enemy in about 30 seconds!”
Defensive Officer (DO): “Shields are good, escorts on Position, our interceptors are screening the cruisers and frigates!
Dindrenzi long range fire is ineffective by now.”
WO: “We have several hits, on the enemy frigates at least one is destroyed judging by the secondary explosions!”
DO: “The Praetorian is aiming for us!”
Admiral: “ Weapons, I need definite information no guesses, how many Frigates are left, are they still a thread. Defensive, you get all power to the shields! everybody else Brace for impact!”
WO: “Only one frigate left, but damaged, its reducing speed and turning, I think they are running!”
Admiral: “Good shooting guys, lets focus on the left flank, ….

A heavy tremor runs through the ship.

Admiral:  “What the hell is this?”
DO: “First salvo from the Praetorian, only minor damage to the structure but they hit our thrusters and the
fols spce drive section, just lucky hit!”
Engine room: “All Stations brace for emergency jump, All Stations brace for emergency jump!   …#***’#& … get me line to the bridge   ….  ‘#*#&$’# …”
Admiral: “Engines report!”
Engine room: “Fold space drive has been hit, and is leaking, we will jump any second now!”

Ship vanishes from space and is not seen again.


On board of the lead Teuton class cruiser.

Captain: “Where is the Admirals ship?”
Radar: “Now idea they just vanished from my screens, I got some funny readings from their fold space drive, maybe it was hit.”
Captain: “Radar, search for the Tyrant! Communication, raise the admiral asap! The rest focuses on the fight, we are in charge of the
Dindrenzi right flank, and I can see two Gladius Class Gunships there, that is more our league then hunting frigates!”

Radar: “I am getting funny emissions from the planet below locks like a huge volcano”
Captain: “Any signs for Tachyon emissions from our fold space engines????”
Radar: “ … Yes ,  ….. Oh my good! …. They are all gone!”

Captain: “ All Ships, All Stations, abort the attack”
Frigate Captain: “ Are you nuts! Where is the Admiral? We are in the gravity well of the planet we will need to pass through the enemy fleet! My Squadron follow and attack.”
Systems officer: “Captain he is right, we won’t be able to slow down and turn before we are in range of their weapons!”

Communication Officer: “ The frigates are dying, we have already lost three and our sister ship, is already damaged badly, she wont be able to keep up, only damage reports on the net!”
Defensive Officer: “ Incoming fire! Everybody brace for impact!” ….

The same time, on board the Praetorian class battleship, just arrived in system.
Captain: “ All ships all stations,  report status”
Communications: “ Captain all ships have arrived safely in system, no enemies sighted the frigate squadron will do a recon sweep of the system.”
Captain: “ OK guys, looks like the another boring system on this routine patrol! I am off, Lieutenant you have the bridge!”

Captain leaves the bridge! Five minutes later.

Communications: “Sir, the frigates are sending out some mayday signals, they are under torpedo attack”
Lieutenant: “All hands to battle stations! Radar report! Communication find the captain!”
Radar: “No idea where that attack came from, I am getting some energy signatures from behind the planet! No numbers yet, but at least 10 ships! They are powering up there thrusters.”
Defensive: “Lost contact two of the frigates, the third one reports it is damaged and will try to avoid further fighting! The cruiser Squadron reports torpedoes incoming! Lieutenant whoever is out there, already killed one of our best recon squadrons!
Lieutenant: “ Get  me the captain! Weapons! Aim for the biggest energy signature and fire at will! Radar! Get me a

Weapons: “ Lieutenant? We are still to far of, no targeting solution, and reloading will take time.”
Lieutenant: “You are supposed to shoot, I want to know what is out there, at the moment they are still sitting ducks. Radar, when they use their thrusters you should be able to get a better reading!”

Communications:  “ The captain is at dinner! He asks if there is something you can’t handle!”
Weapons: “ Kinetics about to fire! Brace!”

2 Minutes later:
Radar: “ Got some clear readings, now!  3 Cruisers and  10 Frigate sized vessels are using the planet as cover. We have hit something, with our first shoot from the amount of debris it was another frigate!”
Lieutenant: “Not more then that, aim for the cruisers, and let the
Secutors clean up with the frigates!”


5 Minutes later, the captain is back on the bridge!
Captain: “ Lieutenant! What do you think you are doing, I am of the bridge for a few minutes and you have lost  a full
squadron of frigates. Yet I can’t see any enemy on our screens!”
Lieutenant: “Captain;…. Ah ,…. ,  I am sorry but it looked like a well executed and timed attack I expected some more ships, to show up!”
Captain: “More power full? A hand full of frigates, and you disturb my dinner! If you are afraid of three ships, you don’t belong on my bridge! Get out of my view!”

To see what really happened:
Watch the video bat rep:


Set Up:
The first
Terran Unit was placed on the center of the left flank from the Terran view point
Fabiusm placed his first squadron on his left flank of the board to increase the distance, and get more shooting phases for his kinetics. Since both of us didn’t want to expose a single unit we ended up with the
 big planetoid between the two fleets but closer to the
Terrans. So after Set up we had the Terran fleet hiding behind the planet and the Dindrenzi only had some Thraex class frigates exposed on their left flank.

Turn 1:
Terran moved and stayed behind the Planet, due to the distance most weapons where out of range, or ineffective for the Dindrenzi main fleet,  and all Torpedos concentrated on the frigates, which survived the first turn, with one damaged ship left. So far everything accroding to plan.
Dindrenzi fire was largely uneffective, except the Praetorian, the Kinetic rolled a set of sixes close to a double crit, of course the shield including the Shieldprojector of the Tyrant didn’t cancel the hits, and the crit effect was the fold Space rupture, which resulted in the Tyrant class battleship hitting the planetoid, and being destroyed (+6 on the Dindrenzi Battlelog).

Turn 2:
Basically the game was lost but we decided to play on, and see if the rest of the
terran battelplan would have worked, so the Terrans took out the last frigate, and started firing on the Secutors, with the big ship missing this did some damage but of course not enough. Dindrenzi started shooting on the small ships and took out some frigates and damaged a Teuton.

Turn 3:  All Remaining Terran ships slingshooted around the planet, and where now positioned in the middle of the Dindrenzi fleet  Which saved them from Torpedos, and would have brought them into the rear arc in the next turn.  This worked out nicely and if a Tier one ship had been in the front pulling the fire,of the Dindrenzi the strategy might have worked. With out the Tyrant, there was not enough  firepower to do real damage and the Dindrenzi shoot down on ship after the other. Even the Escorts attacked the SRS Bomber token.

Turn 4:
Terrans are now in the back but Secutor and Gunships turn around and clean up the remaining Terran ships, even the last escort was destroyed.
Complete Victory for the


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Ouch! Poor Tyrant. That hurt my eyes :(


I think it would be better if you park the frigates and cruisers behind the planet and try to destroy the gunships with torpedoes. Also try to flank with frigates, this will make Dindrenzi fore fixed guns to be sad.

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We discussed that basically after the loss of the tyrant,

Since I believe it was already game over at that Moment.


The main reason for finishing the game:

Time, we didn't have enough for a second game, Setup, taking Pictures, preparing for a Video, takes time, and we did't want to deliver a Report which is done after turn 1.


I could have started powering up the fold space drives from turn 2; using my last acticvation in turn 1 to destroy the last thraex, then I would jump end of turn 3;


I am quite sure that the dindrenzi would have destoyed most of the fleet, in turn 2 and 3 but the game would have been far less entertaining, for you, and for us!


Secondary reason:

I wanted to see the effect of the slingshoot, to judge the Timing better next time.

I think it was good, if there would have been some danger (tyrant) to the fore of the dindrenzi, my smaller vessels would have had a nice Chance against the gunships, while passing the fleet and then turn on the rest


@captain dan,

a full stop after the loss of the tyrant might have been an idea, but would have only delayed the destruction for a turn, until the praetorian and secutors corrected their heading.



yes, for sure an Option,

but the plan was to keep everybody close together use the interceptors for cover against torpedos, and regroup the frigates after passing into his aft,


The main mistake was losing the tread to his front!



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What a game! :lol:


I have to say I got a bit confused sometimes - example:

turn 2 Secutors fire at four Armsman with 9AD kinetics at the closest one and 6AD kinetics at the second closest frigate

 - Secutors have 8AD in RB2 and it really doesn't look like RB1, but if it's really RB1 than one Secutor is already damaged and so has ony 5AD

 - if that was RB3 they have only 5AD so with one damaged 9AD together or 7AD and 5AD

then they fire 8AD torps at a third frigate and Armsman roll only 3 dice for defence (2PD and 1 shield)

 - that's strange as if they really are four then it should be 4PD plus 1 shield, each ship add at least one no matter what


You can't play TACs without admiral - the Terran player played one after destruction of his Tyrant at turn 4

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thanks for the comments we will check,


at the Point defense, I checked the rules and we always missed the "per contributimg weapon System" behindthe Minimum of 1. ;-)


@ azrael

thanks, fabiusm is know for this Kind of roles. but it was still fun to Play.

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@ hahnc77........yes it was a good game and thanks for the come back. next time try the TAC drive to max with a +4 gravity slingshot on a Armsmen it will net a 15" movement on the board. i tried it last week fallowed by a linked fire target strike on a Dindrenzi BB and took his PD down and a crit with torps. also try a diamond formation on the frigates they all stay within 4" covering PD fire....... just a thought

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thanks for the tips, i will try the drives to the max /slingshot combo in the near future


targeted strikes against the dindrenzi PD is very powerfull, if you have the Torpedos to follow up.

I know, but I Need to get closer (RB2) and still have the big torpedo salvos to benefit from it.

Not in this game!

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yes the game you played had some bad die rolls. the loss of your BB didn't help when I used that slingshot all 4 of my frigates were good and had no damage. I was also parked in my sweet spot RB 2. nice to hear that you will try the wankle manuver. good luck good hunting and make the Dindrenzi scum pay

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since I am the main Terrain scratch builder in our group , (except the coulourfull mdf boards)  I doubt we will get a Memorial Piece for this fight.

But it is an idea to keep in mind in case it happens the other way round ;-)


I would clearly preffer a model with a dindrenzi Praetorian, on the planet surface.

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