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Starting Terrans

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Yeah, the Teutons really don't benefit from having a heavy cruiser in the same squadron, and the Hauberks don't benefit from being with the Teutons. Hauberks really shine in three ship squadrons jumping in or flanking in behind something, while the Teutons like to sit back in the early game spamming torpedoes at long range, before moving up to use guns. Otherwise, you lose torpedo effectiveness or have the Teutons shot out from under the Hauberk in a mixed squadron. 

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So we can say the terran patrol box comes with three regular cruisers and some heavy cruiser "space debris" pieces :lol:


I think it could be a good idea if Spartan re-uses the old military installations as STL trader stations along with a STL trader patrol fleet (the old starport could be a cheaper version of the "supermax" station). The traders could use lots of space stations to protect their shipping lanes. A campaing book to use the civilian ships would be great or re-using them for planetfall-armada scenarios (in the form of supply ships that could give advantages to ground forces, etc..)

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Played with terrans using the cut-out fleet under the 1.5 rules but I won´t make any reference to those old rules.


The game was played using 6 standard frigates, 3 standard cruisers and 1 BB per faction (with no equipped wings)


I am impressed about the Terran shields! even cruisers with just 1 shield turned criticals into 1-point hits or double crits into just crits, even the feared Judement linked fore fixed of doom was totally stopped. In fact my Razorthorn ended the game untouched without a single point of damage on it.  Maybe I was so luky with shield rolls. I also loved the turrets and the multi-target capability and the fact you don´t need to worry about the ship possitioning when firing torpedo volleys. On the "con" side of terrans (and specially after playing sorilians) I think they are weak at boarding. I got the "capture admrial ship" mission (think of it as an scenario objective) and the enemy BB survived all boarding attempts I throw at it (despite it also lost a lot of crew to crits) those attempts included, cruisers, one frigate squd and own BB boarding. The Terran frigates were awesome too, firing torpedoes at a safe distance, until shunting enemy frigates and incoming cruisers wasted many of them due to their multiple weapon arcs. In the aftermath of the battle I was shocked about seeing the "new" frigates having DR4 and CR6. Thats not a frigate its a light cruiser!!!


In the end the losses were the following



1 cruiser and 1 badly-hurt cruiser (1 HP left)

4 frigates (and the remaining two hiding behind asteroids with the engines cut with 1 hp left each, lol)



6 frigates

2 cruisers

1 badly hurt BB (1 HP and 2 crew left)


Crushing victory for terrans! :D


If you are interested I can post one pic or two ;)


On a side note my opponent hated the shields so much so he decided.... to siwch sides!!!  :lol:  Next time we will be playing under 2.0 rules, me being this time the "bad corporate guy " :rolleyes:

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Terrans are not particularly bad at boarding, but they aren't good at it either. They are average compared to the Terquai, Sorylians, Veydreth, Relthoza and Directorate. Don't rely on boarding assaults to win you anything if playing the Terrans. Allies can help you out if you really need to get a shiny hood ornament for your flagship, Terquai and Sorylians are good choices. 

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Today I had my first 2.0 combat, I has been pretty brutal (tons of expolding sixes) and I like how the boarding works (which is resolved much faster and you don´t make your ship vulnerable to counter-boards)


(edit) The forces engaged in battle were:


(MFV 500 points)


Directorate (me)


1 Judgement battleship with +1 MV, +1 SH, -1 Turn, Biohazard beams. 200 pt


3 Vanquisher cruisers (Biohazard) 180 pt.


3 Enforcer 60 pt

3 Enforcer 60 pt




1 Razorthorn battleship  170 pt


3 Sentinel cruisers 150 pt


3 Pilgrim frigates 90 pt

3 Pilgrim frigates 90 pt.


Took pictures and notes. I´ll tell you later on when I sort all the stuff  ;)

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Well, finally I have found some time to post about the battle itself.


We played Escalating Engagement with the fleets in the post above. There was some asteroids in the middle, planetoids in one side and nebulae in the other. Terran won the selection of zone and took the planetoids. Leaving me with a large gas cloud to deoploy around.


Starting Terran Positions

26-15-2015 Start2

Starting Directorate positions

26-15-2015 Start1


TURN 1 (Directorate won initiative, but i remember later I could made terrans to move first)

no TACs played ('cause the admirals were not present! :ph34r: )


- Vanquishers turned sideways and launched torpedoes at Pilgrims near the planetoid for no effect.

- Pilgrims answer with more torpedoes fired at enforcers. The torpedoes could have caused some damage but were shot down by defensive PD

- Enforcers behind gas clouds (or nebula) advance towards the Terrans to reduce the accuracy of their torpedoes (AD)

- Pilgrims behind the planetoid fire a torpedo salvo at the Vanquisers that have caused a critical but were all shoot down (explodings sixes all over around! :blink: )

- Enforcers on the nebula got disordered due to heavy ion storms within the gast clouds (Doh! :/ ) But they left the gas clouds

- Finally the Sentinels move forwards and fire a torpedo salvo that causes 1 damage on one of the disordered Enforcers as they were leaving the cloud :P (first blood) This slap in the face made them to be no longer disordered  :lol:  (they passed the roll)


End of turn shot

26-15-2015 mov1


TURN 2 Directorate won initiative but made terrans to move first

TACs (admirals Not In Battle)

A Judgement class battleship appears! (yes, I was having massive amount of luck with dice ;) )


- Sentinels start declaring their attacks:

    torpedoes at enforecers-2 (the ones that passed the disorder test)  all of them linking fire. One Enforcer destroyed

    starboard guns  fire at enforcers-2,  2 of them linking fire. One Enforcer destroyed.

    starborard guns fire at enforcers-2, one of them firing normally. last Enforcer got 1 dmg and got disordered.

    Port guns firing at Jugement battleship. All of them linking fire. All Shots deflected by shields (OMG the Judgements has now shields ^_^ )

- Juguement judges the cruisers unworthy and starts punishement :P

   Beam turrets target Sentinels. One sentinel got a critical hit (shileld fryed) and 1 crew lost (biohazard)

   Torpedoes fired at Pilgrims. 1 pilgrim got 1 dmg.

   a minefield is deployed near Sentinels.

   Sentinels are now under the effect of Judguement´s countermeasures (and had no admiral :P )


I started a boarding assault on the sentinels but we remembered we can´t board a squadron I were shooting at (too much ruthlessness :/) Here is the pic before being corrected (I should have captured the ship grrr!

26-15-2015 mov2

- Pilgrims not behind the planetoid cut engines and fired some torpedoes but were stopped by PD
- Enforcer2 advances and fires beams at the Pilgrims, but misses.
- Pilgrims behind the planetoid  fires torpedos at Vanquisers but they were shot down by PD again.
- Enforcers1 fire at the  closer Sentinel Critting it (hull breach) 3 crew point lost.
- Vanquisher fire beam turrets (1 firing) at Sentinel for no effect. Vanquisher fire beam turrets (2 of them linking) destroying the damaged sentinel)

26-15-2015 mov3

End of turn 2, Enforcer2 passes disorder test.
TURN 3 Directorate wins initiative and moves first.
Diretorate plays "Intel gathered"
Terrans ( admiral NIB)
A Razorthorn battleship appears!!


- Juguement fires port torpedoes at one Pilgrim. Pilgrim destroyed. Judguement fires starboard torpedoes at a Sentinel. no effect. Juguement fires beam turrets at the Razorthorn. damage prevented by shields. Juguement deploys another minefield near Sentinels.
- Razorthorn fires turrets at Jugement. Jugement Critted (Shields disabled). Razorthnr fires Fore at Judgement. No effect. Razorthorn fires port guns at Enforcers1. One enforcer destroyed. Razorthonr fires torpedoes at enforcers1. One Enforcer gets 1 dmg.
- Enforcers1 link all beam fire towards Sentienls. No effect.
-Pilgrims2 fire torpedoes and port guns at efnorcer2. Enforcer2 destroyed (squadron destroyed).
-Vanquishers fire all turrets at Razorthorn, linking. Razorthorn critted (point defence disabled). Razorthorn also loses 1 crew (biohazard). Vanquishers fire all torpedoes linking at Pilgrims1. no effect.
-Pilgrims1 fire a torpedo salvo at Enforcers1. One Enforcer destroyed. Enforcers1 disordered.
-Sentinel squadron activates
  Minefield1 explodes. One Sentienel destroyed.
  Minefield2 explodes. One sentinel critted (fire hazard, 1 crew lost) Sentinels disordered (because the countermeasures effect)
  Starboard guns fired at Enforcers1. No effect. Port guns fired Vanquishers. No effect. Torpedoes fired at Enforcers1. No effect.
End of turn 3. Enforcers and  Sentinels passed their disorder test. Judgement failed to repair shield generators. Razorthorn repaired PD system. Sentinel failed to repair the fire hazard and got another fire hazard.

26-15-2015 mov4

What will happen next? Dont miss out next post ;)


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Turn 4 (Directorate wins the initiative and moves first)


Directorate: Burn Thrusters

Terran: Power to Shields


- Judgement epic U-turning (like a frigate) lets it fire Turrets and primaries to Razorthorn, linking fire. No effect (negated by shields). Jugement fires port and starboard torpedoes Destroying one Pilgrims1 and  damaging a Sentinel. Juguement also lays mines.

This is the epic momment (My friend was like What the..!!?? :lol: )

26-15-2015 mov5


- Razorthorn activates and triggers mines (causing 1 hit). Main turrets target Juguement for no effect. Starboard guns target Vanquishers causing a critical to (non-existant) shields. Torpedoes also target same vanquiser but fails to cause damage.


- Enforcer targets pilgrim with beams for no effect, and tries to board Razorthorn but the marines got ovewhelmed.


- Pilgrims2 shoot port guns at a Vanquisher for 1 hit. Then shoot torpedoes at same vanquisher for no effect


- Vanquishers target Razorthonr linking all beam turrets at RB 1. They cause a critical but because two ones were scored, they were re-rolled and sixes began to explode like mad. Razorthorn gets double critted and explodes (shield fail to do anything). Then  they fire port and starboard torpedoes and destroy another Pilgrim and finish off the remaining (and burning) Sentinel.

The most epic momnent of the game

26-15-2015 mov6


Then we thought the game was over and decided  to call it. Made some repairs and  I think We could have been playing for another 2 turns, but the next one all terran ship would be shunting out and I don´t like to play if the other player is not having fun.


end of the game picture


26-15-2015 End


Battlelog -1 / 9 Directorate crushing victory.

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After this battle, and despite the results, my friend is determined to to start Terrans (he just loves the ships aesthetics), so in order to prevent Terrans Vs Terrans, I will be re-starting my only zenian faction, the Directorate. Already have more frigates (because the change in the squadron size) and got some SRSs. I will collect terrans later on at a very slow pace, just for painting them or ally wiht my friend if we have more ppl playing. I will buy the patrol fleet, and then as Tank suggested, the destroyers, carrier, and battlecruiser. For destroyers and carrier I´ll wait until new models are released, because IMO they are very old and need a remake.

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Latest news!   Finally succumbed last weekend to the Terran Mega-deal, so soon I wil have the entire Terran range in one go, barring the Tyrant .


Thanks everybody  for helping me doing my early choices ^_^ ^_^ But that deal was too good to ingnore!!! :)  ;)  -_-

Same reason I got the Dindrenzi deal. Just too good to pass up if you were thinking about starting a fleet.

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Latest news!   Finally succumbed last weekend to the Terran Mega-deal, so soon I wil have the entire Terran range in one go, barring the Tyrant .


Thanks everybody  for helping me doing my early choices ^_^ ^_^ But that deal was too good to ingnore!!! :)  ;)  -_-

Very nice! I am having serious regrets about not just taking the leap and buying the Terran one myself haha. Welcome to the fleet :D

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