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1200pt Works Raptor

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Hello all,

As a present to myself I've decided to start up a pure WR fleet and would like you're critique of what I've thrown together. I'd like to keep it pure if I can and I think what I've got is viable:

Assault Carrier w/+2 MV, +2 AP, 6x Bomber Wing, Corrosive Torpedoes accompanied by 2x Corvettes w/Scout 260pts

Assault Carrier w/+2 MV 6x Bomber Wing, Corrosive Torpedoes 210pts (admirals vessel)

Battle Cruiser w/+3 Wings, 3x Interceptor wing, Corrosive Torpedoes accompanied by Torp Cruiser w/Corrosive Torpedoes 225pts

Tier 2

Torp Cruisers x4 w/Corrosive Torpedoes 300pts

Tier 3

Corvettes x4 w/Scout 100pts x2

Thoughts? Sorylians would make my life difficult but I like the amount of corrosive and bombers it puts out

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